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Why 5G is THE topic everyone is talking about

- 5G will be the fastest growing network technology ever

- 1.4 billion global 5G connections expected by 2025 (= 15% global market penetration, according to GSMA)

- 5G will see investments of 500 billion US dollars over the next 2 years

If you haven't been hyped about 5G, you should be now: This technology will bring a change that will affect all of us, our society, and the way we live.  And 5G is far more significant than a mere upgrade in network speed, quality, or price. It opens up a universe of new possibilities and will create tons of opportunities for new revenue streams for mobile network operators (MNOs).  5G will offer new business opportunities with truly converged networks that require enhanced security systems.

As the 5G technology is set to provide virtually ubiquitous, ultrahigh bandwidth with no latency, the opportunities for connectivity between individual users and connected objects are going to open up a whole new range of applications. It is up to the first movers to take the lead with high value and safe services. G+D will pave the path with trusted connectivity and end-to-end security for 5G.

Prepare for 5G now

5G will offer new business opportunities with truly converged networks that require enhanced security systems. Discover market trends and use cases at a glance: Download our infographic.

Facts and figures

Are you ready for 5G?

Or maybe we should be asking: Are you ready for everything that comes with it? Do you have a sound and robust business plan to earn your place in this race? Do you know how to properly secure your business? 

5G is full of hopes and promises – but the less than rosy reality of security is often neglected. IoT devices used in 5G – such as smart meters, smart sensors, and actuators – must be designed with security aspects as the number one priority. This is the only way to ensure the integrity, confidentiality, and originality of the communicated data. With careful planning you can generate new revenue streams. Leveraging the potentials of 5G will require  a great deal of specialized knowledge so that risks can be adequately evaluated. This will enable companies to lead the race to create new business opportunities without compromising data security or their own reputation built on trust. 

Your benefits

Why G+D Mobile Security should be your partner of choice

G+D Mobile Security is well prepared to service the immediate ecosystem for connectivity with 5G SIM cards for connecting 5G non-standalone and 5G standalone networks. Our SIM products are “5G-ready” – and since SIM cards are the most widely used and efficient type of hardware-based security, we’re already optimally positioned so that when you’re ready to launch your 5G services, we can help you make sure they are safe, reliable, and secure. Apart from extending support to various security schemes to help conceal subscriber identities and secure 5G network access, our aim is to additionally provide a wide variety of security solutions that help create unique identities, enable lifecycle management, and secure all of your valuable data streams.

We are active in all important organizations related to the mobile industry, such as ETSI, GSMA, and the Java Card Forum, constantly driving the standardization of new and emerging technologies, influencing the industry’s standards and certifications. Get in touch with us to find out how you can benefit from our lean and efficient platform for the delivery of 5G and IoT solutions.

Full service

G+D Mobile Security can be at your side from start to finish with services such as consulting, integrating solutions into existing systems, and operating these sorts of systems. 


We help you benefit from our strong network of various well-known companies from many industries to create new state-of-the-art solutions.

eSIM and Converged Solutions

We offer true expertise with eSIM and Converged Solutions that ensure your business is at the forefront of any future innovation.


Over-the-air (OTA) applications

We help to embrace digital and OTA including the remote download of new subscriptions to the secure element and the provisioning, activation, and modification of SIM profiles.

How G+D Mobile Security benefits communication service providers / MNOs

New technologies require an expert that can adapt to changes before they have happened

G+D enables objects within the 5G ecosystem with an identity. Following this, we help them get surely connected onto the network. And finally, we secure the data payload end to end

Sharath Muddaiah Director, Strategic Solutions & IoT

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It's all about business opportunities

Keep up with user expectations and offer innovative and secure services with the support of an experienced leader in digital solutions, G+D Mobile Security.



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