Quality of Experience

Insights into network experiences help keep subscribers satisfied

Maximising customer satisfaction is key

Intense pressure from Internet-driven “over the top” (OTT) players has mobile operators looking at the advantages of big data to predict user behaviour and keep subscriber churn low. With its advanced analytics and management tools, G+D iQ™ enables you to proactively identify issues in the network experience of subscribers and, more importantly, prevent problems before they arise.

For mobile operators suffering from commoditization, ensuring a satisfying network experience is crucial to differentiating their service from competitors. However, operators commonly have little visibility on the real customer experience until they receive a support request. But without timely detailed insights into services in use, throughput, location, and usage, etc. they have little to go on for proactive decisions on where and for whom improvements should be made.

Access to a tool that gathers and analyzes data on what subscribers are experiencing from the mobile network and service can help operators alleviate the situation. G+D iQ™, the Customer Experience Analytics and Management service by G+D Mobile Security, takes analytics a crucial step further: it generates actionable insight and makes predictive and proactive recommendations on how to best leverage their resources and enhance customer satisfaction.

Understand your subscribers' experience

Gaining Quality-of-Service (QoS) insights into your subscribers’ experiences of the voice, data, and network services enables you to identify and resolve technical problems as well as improve customer relations through proactive contact or offering discounts or rebates. These insights provide key data points and trend information that support future business planning, marketing strategy, infrastructure investment, and much more.

19% of subscribers name network quality as the main reason for churning, while 82% feel having issues resolved quickly is central to their service satisfaction.

Giesecke+Devrient, 2016

Harness the power of data

Real-time metrics for prioritization, trends for long-term planning

G+D iQ™ gathers data in real time and applies real-time analytics to provide timely visibility on subscriber experiences. The solution follows up with recommendations based on those impacted or the value of the customers. Operators use these insights to opt for quick fixes to target easily addressed problems or to focus on resolution for prioritized or VIP and business customers.
Leveraging data and analytics over time, G+D iQ™ supports long-term planning. Trend data help operators to understand the evolution of their service and customer-base. They can highlight upsell opportunities for new services, where the network needs to improve, and where to consider new technology.

G+D iQ™ supports value-generating use-cases

Leveraging all the data that may already exist, or is easy to acquire, combined with the powerful analytics of G+D iQ™ and clearly targeted use cases can result in a measurable return on investment.
Such return comes from securing existing revenues, identifying new opportunities, and reducing costs through maximization of infrastructure usage and reduced customer-care costs.

  • Network quality monitoring and improvement

  • Churn reduction and prediction

  • Roaming quality assurance and steering

  • MVNO SLA monitoring and verification

  • Enterprise Service QA

  • IoT & M2M QoS monitoring, assurance & improvement

What G+D iQ™ can do for you

G+D iQ™ enables operators to get visibility down to individual users, groups of users, or enterprises, and aggregated up to the full subscriber base, allowing a degree of granularity appropriate to the analytics and insights required.

G+D provides the key competence, products, and services to harness this data and generate valuable understanding of subscriber experiences. The broad range of metrics utilized and the variety of usable sources add to the unique capability of the solution:

  • Generate voice, messaging, and data QoS metrics for cellular network usage

  • Give visibility to both cellular and WiFi QoS metrics

  • Offer metrics on data throughput and latency for real end-to-end usage of the actual services being used

  • Gather data on coverage and signal strength of cellular networks – both at home and for roaming

  • Use a smartphone device client (or SDK) and SIM applet to gather metrics

  • Offer details on location from GPS or cell location

  • Incorporate real-time data input from network probes and DPI device metrics, and integrate to any available data sources that provide input of value

  • Take KPIs from existing PM systems

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