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Providing secure customer identification and faster onboarding

Secure customer identification and faster onboarding

The onboarding and registration process of new customers is a very important step in the customer relationship journey. This process should be easy, fast, secure and simply create a great user experience. At the same time, mobile network operators have to comply with tighter regulations regarding KYC (Know Your Customer) requirements to address increasing identity fraud and in the light of anti-terrorism measures.

Secure remote identification is a great foundation to build trusted mobile IDs.

G+D Mobile Security
Ease subscribers’ lives and adapt to new behaviors where online and mobile channels are preferred.

Enabling a secure and seamless digital journey

With our experience in managing trusted digital identities, we have developed comprehensive solutions to enable secure customer enrollment with real-time seamless onboarding – remote or in-store. Our solutions reduce the risk of fraud and ensure single and secure digital identities for a trusted digital journey.

Secure remote identification and enrollment

Considerable efficiency gains for operators

Evolving regulatory needs require flexible answers to build compliant yet cost efficient business processes to onboard new subscribers. Self-service flows and pre-check options are innovative concepts to reduce agent time resulting in competitive per-ident costs. Thanks to our modular approach and technical expertise in the field of identification credentials and security features, the solution can be tailored to meet your needs for future-proof, multi-channel onboarding solutions – with or without video chat options.

What G+D secure remote identification solutions can do for you

  • Minimizes ID fraud

  • Ensures customer private data stays confidential

  • Flexible integration – in-app or browser-based

  • Same System for POS and remote identification

  • Trusted solution supporting security regulations

  • Reduces document management operating costs

  • Shorter time-per-identity check than conventional offline identification, going from days to minutes

  • Protects brand reputation by improving customer experience and facilitating easy enrollment

Secure online services

Mobile ID solutions follow the GSMA Mobile Connect initiative that brings simplicity to customers when logging in to online services. This new digital authentication standard ensures full interoperability and ubiquity, easing global deployment of federated identity.
Available with a SaaS model, G+D mobile ID provides scalable identity management and authentication services for MNOs. This enables operators to easily become universal mobile digital identity providers.
G+D mobile ID is a single sign-on solution that works on any handset, offering a wide range of authentication means via SMS networks, mobile software applications, and SIM-embedded applications. Crucially for operators, the system combines top security for high-value online transactions with the highest possible end-user friendliness. There is no need for consumers to remember several passwords and secure identification only requires a phone and a SIM.

Secure online services

G+D mobile ID solutions enable convenient and secure access to online services using the mobile phone as second-factor for authentication and consent-based digital identity management. Consumers benefit from an easier and more secure digital journey.

Your complete online-security package

  • End-to-end solution comprising SIM, applet, and Saas

  • Simple mobile login to access web services with just one click: level of assurance 2 (LoA2)

  • Multiple authentication factors (LoA2, LoA3, LoA4)

  • High availability – an ultra-safe, scalable solution running in highly secure global data centers

  • Easy to roll out with onboarding portal services

  • Conforming to latest Mobile Connect GSMA certification

Matching solutions

Experts in ID Verification

Our modular and scalable approach enables you to build the exact identification process that you need. We focus on automation where possible to increase the quality of service, yet at the same time reducing costs. Our capabilities for automated security feature checks, automatic OCR readouts of documents, and self-service pre-check flows demonstrate this. As a long-term provider of innovative security solutions to leading mobile operators around the world, G+D offers full support wherever you are.
Our identification solutions are provided as managed Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) or Ident-as-a-Service – based on your needs. SaaS offers you the opportunity to integrate onboarding flows into existing business processes, making use of established call centers and partners. Ident-as-a-Service takes this one step further to include business process outsourcing of the complete identification and registration activities. Both methods can be seamlessly integrated into your existing customer front-end channels – app- or browser-based.

Expert consulting services

G+D offers unmatched expertise in encryption, security, fraud prevention, biometrics, and privacy schemes. You can be assured that your solution includes the very latest ID security features. Our experts provide consulting services to ease integration and implement services via our existing channels.

Your customers are in safe hands with G+D

Our portfolio of mobile security solutions enables managed connectivity, online banking, digital transformation, and the Internet of Things. We value the long-term engagements we have with our existing customers. Our secure remote identity solution provides an easy to use, modular framework for secure customer onboarding. It can be implemented on different channels with a scalable feature set. We offer automatic security feature checks that support a unique process experience, reduce cost, and increase quality.


Global commYOUnication. It’s all about managing identities.

G+D Mobile Security supports you across your entire identity journey and helps you offer safe and convenient services to consumers.


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