Innovate In a Secure Way

Apps are now everywhere. So are the criminals who want to attack them.

Meet the SDK for building apps with robust security

According to The App Association, mobile apps are the most rapidly-adopted technology in human history. Almost overnight, they have become one of the main ways we engage with the world. But as devices become connected and then interconnected, vulnerabilities creep in. With apps now storing increasingly valuable data, hackers become more aggressive. G+D helps device makers address the challenge with a security minded SDK.

Innovate, but do so in a secure way

In such a world, it’s more than natural for you as the device manufacturer to feel responsible, particularly when it comes to securing these applications on your devices. Problem is, as you start to use products as platforms from which to deliver value-added services, an element of risk always creeps in. What’s more, as customers begin to demand more and more – sleek touchscreens, high level OS, connections to robust app markets – you must constantly innovate, but you must do so in a secure way.
At G+D, we support you in embracing the service opportunities by also offering application security. Application security reinforces your brand as a service provider, builds long-term customer loyalty, and increases customer satisfaction.

We support everyone from banks to transit operators and governments around the globe, offering scalable TAK systems with integrations that take only a matter of hours, not days.

Alois Kliner, Group Vice President, Head of Cyber Security Division

Offering application security is an opportunity to improve service

The goal of G+D Mobile Security is always to make attackers’ efforts more difficult, forcing them to spend not days, but weeks attacking your app, meaning they have to invest more time, money, and resources, ultimately stretching them to the point where it just isn’t worth carrying on.

This is why we offer the “Trusted Application Kit,” or TAK, a mobile application security framework that provides proactive app security, not only during runtime but afterwards with detailed feedback.

Meet the Trusted Application Kit


An SDK and a security framework for mobile OS

The Trusted Application Kit by G+D helps devicemakers and service providers to meet the growing demand for higher security for mobile apps.

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