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Keeping mobile devices secure

Device makers need to stay innovative to stay competitive. But they also need to be trustworthy.

Device makers need to maintain a level of technological innovation to stay attractive to users. However, more and more they are finding that they also need to provide a foundation of trust. People want security, and they want it built in, because when devices are left unsecure, connectivity can open doors to all sorts of malicious attacks from cybercriminals. 
At G+D, we have decades of experience in managing such devices. Our leading-edge mobile security solutions cover the whole spectrum of identity management, allowing you to handle huge numbers of identities with ease. What’s more, we forge partnerships with companies like yours, making use of embedded secure elements (eSEs) not only to safeguard your data, but also offering scalable security solutions to accommodate a wide range of customer needs, from SW-based app security to tamper-proof HW-based security.

Mobile devices have all sorts of uses ‒ payment, loyalty, ticketing, access to transit or events, to restricted areas or enterprise premises ‒ but they all need to be secured.

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Designed with the customer in mind

Our eSE solutions provide secure management all the way from the onboarding process to discontinuation and even refurbishment. Throughout, the credentials on the eSE remain in a secure environment, which means you can rest assured that they are being provisioned or managed securely.

Our solutions allow for a whole range of advantages. We can get devices to market faster, provide integrated and certified applications for global and local markets, and offer secure updates and upgrades not only in our secure G+D environment but also in unsecure environments.

We appreciate that up-to-date devices with the latest security systems are the most important line of defense against fraud and cybercrime, which is why it is critical that applications and identities are reliably and safely managed at all times. We work hard to ensure software updates, bug fixes, and error corrections are installed as soon as they become available.

But, ultimately, end users expect easy, secure, and convenient devices. We deliver scalable security solutions, ranging from SW-based solutions (TAK application security) to tamper-proof HW-based certified solutions, to ensure exactly that. Our solutions are carefully and meticulously designed with the end user in mind, ensuring that security is never a detriment to the user experience.

Simple, safe, and straightforward eSE solutions

Identity profile management and secure personalization

Whether it’s a smartphone, wearable tech, or a modern consumer Internet of Things device, once your users have activated their equipment, all of their identity profile data must be provisioned to it and managed. This includes the keys and user credentials required for convenient operation and secure personalization. It allows all relevant ID files to be sent to a device over-the-air, removing the need for in-person setup and personalization.

Secure Service Management hosted, managed, or on-site

We offer this as either a hosted, managed service or as something we can provide on-site, increasing convenience and consumer satisfaction whilst at the same time boosting security. What’s more, because of its safe OS update capabilities, users and their data will always be protected by the latest security measures. Our Secure Service Management also enables you to provide all applications and data transmissions including secure software updates.



Our solutions provide flexible product configurations to create new revenue streams, while applications are executed securely in separate containers on a single secure element.


Perfect for service providers, our solutions can address multiple applications such as transit, payment, access, and authentication, among others.


Our solutions have exceptionally short processing times due to our optimized operating system, allowing enough space for multiple applications.


Our solutions provide not just a trusted, but a certified platform for service providers such as banks and other institutions.

Managing the whole lifecycle

We help enable appealing, value-added services throughout the entire ID lifecycle:

Step 1: Onboarding

• OEM device ID creation and assignment
• Secure OS upload
• Integration of service providers

Step 2: Provisioning

• Provisioning of keys, credentials, and IDs
• Secure OS update
• Application provisioning

Step 3: Usage

• Secure service access and data exchange
• Data push from smartphone to companion device

Step 4: Management

• Secure device management and over-the-air updates
• Secure application management

Step 5: Discontinuation

• Over-the-air removal of credentials, keys, ID
• Revocation of access rights

The power of personalization

At G+D, we understand that customization and personalization are critical factors in the sectors of security and secure data handling. This is why our products have been specifically designed to stand out. For many years, clients have relied on our long-term industry expertise to deliver custom-tailored offerings for target markets or applications. Our solutions not only help businesses bring their services into the market, but ultimately make their devices more attractive to end users, resonating with the target audience and boosting sales.

Our eSE solutions help you create devices that are:

Familiar and trustworthy

G+D powered devices are designed with a customer journey that is in line with people’s digital lifestyle, ensuring the best user experience

Reassuringly reliable

We take full responsibility for the security of personal information and business data, so you don’t have to

Safe and secure

We make sure that private stays private, offering comprehensive protection from malware, hackers, WiFi attacks, and other cyber threats


Providing in-store, in-app, online transactions and multimodal transit options, our devices are designed to make end-users’ lives easier

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An SDK and a security framework for mobile OS

The Trusted Application Kit by G+D helps devicemakers and service providers to meet the growing demand for higher security for mobile apps.

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