eSIM for Consumer Devices

Fast and secure connectivity for consumer's digital life

Managing device connectivity can be really simple

Digital device technology is evolving at breakneck speed. But in some markets, demand is maturing. Global device manufacturers look at exciting new services to differentiate whilst satisfying customers’ expectations around service, speed, and security.

These requirements create testing challenges. How do you simplify the supply chain when selling connected devices worldwide? How do you manage connectivity over the entire product lifecycle? 
And how do you ensure the best user experience, with fast, secure device connectivity, right out of the box?

Consumer expectations are challenging

Securing fast service access on all types of connected personal devices requires manufacturers to address multiple trends in the marketplace. The more effectively they can solve these challenges to deliver seamless device activation, connectivity control, and user convenience, the stronger their ability to establish robust and profitable relationships with mobile operators.


The device real estate used for connectivity must be as small as possible

Security and privacy

Users need the peace of mind that comes with effective device protection


Users expect devices and connectivity to be robust enough to cope with anything from a commute to rock-climbing


Personal devices need to integrate with the wider world of IoT devices, from fridges to interactive advertising and beyond

Independent connectivity

Every device must have its own connection

eSIM Management

G+D has pioneered the development of eSIM Management and the standardization process for many years, and now manages millions of connected devices worldwide. The benefits of our solution include:

  • Easy implementation into connected devices of all types and sizes

  • Straightforward remote, secure management of multiple profiles and identities, over-the-air

  • An optimal user experience through constant connectivity and dynamic service updates

  • Simplified supply chain, production and distribution flow with no need to stock and ship multiple types of SIM cards around the world

  • Supports clear differentiation from competitors by enabling cellular connectivity on a wide range of consumer electronics devices including tablets, smartwatches, wristbands, PCs, and more.

  • Enables a one-stop-shop connectivity-and-device value proposition to strengthen customer relationships and loyalty

  • Single-supplier operational connectivity services for fast deployment of connected devices worldwide

eSIM Management allows OEMs to:

  • flexibly manage subscriptions, anytime, anywhere at first device activation

  • offer enhanced customer experience with a simple and fast enrollment and onboarding

  • develop global partnerships with MNOs

  • ease logistics by empowering device manufacturers to more easily serve a global market: they no longer need to store a wide range of SIM cards to pre-install them with mobile-operator profiles


For the OEM:

• Address complete consumer device portfolio (wearables, tablets, phones)
• Optimized operations and SIM logistics
• Reduced footprint with eSIM
• Offers potential for optimized design due to high reliability and space savings
• Upsell potential on additional device services
• Add customer value on top of the existing core products (hardware)

For the consumer/end user:

• Better user experience
• Greater flexibility / choice amongst several MNO contracts / networks
• Companion devices will operate independently of a smartphone, with own subscriptions
• Allows multiple devices to be connected through the same subscription

Key features

The G+D eSIM Management solution for consumer device manufacturers includes:

  • A solution suite for provisioning and remote subscription management in any type of electronic device

  • Secure identity management at all times

  • An embedded SIM or eUICC incorporated into the device at the production stage, guaranteeing maximum security

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