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From smartwatches to fitness trackers, we keep a watchful eye on wearables

Future-proofed security for wearable technology

Driven by customer demand, the definition of “wearable technology” changes almost daily. Smartwatches, cameras, clothing and fitness trackers: all these technologies were unheard of a few years ago but are now commonplace. At G+D, our expertise means you can trust us to implement security solutions that exceed customer expectations. With G+D, you can focus on keeping up with changing trends – we handle the functionality.

Leveraging extensive established relationships, certified components, and standards compliance, G+D offers wearables device manufacturers the ability to enable your existing or in-development device, virtually eliminating go-to market blockers. G+D can fast track your wearables deployment for nearly any use case with unmatched security, functionality, and speed to market – giving you a competitive edge in the wearables ecosystem.

Security that doesn’t compromise end-user convenience

G+D currently works with industry leaders like Intel, FitPay, Samsung, STMicroelectronics, and Infineon to create securely connected wearable devices, be that a watch, a fitness tracker, or the next-gen device to be introduced. We manage the connectivity "communications" to provide the ultimate in security, end-user convenience, and multi-functional use cases.

Trust us to take care of security

G+D offers a complete, robust platform for mobile devices, and we’ve extended our platform to cover wearables – a logical next step given growing market demand. As such, we leverage our existing, proven infrastructure to secure the wearables channel end-to-end.

We nurture strong relationships

Our relationships with mobile network operators, public network operators, transit agencies, and other industry leaders are built on trust and mutual respect. Our customers rely on us to provide fully secure hardware, OTA communication channels, and lifecycle management for remotely connected devices, which includes the latest in wearables technology.

Our wearable offerings are commercially ready now. Product evolution is perpetual, as is development – we include functionality that supports the specific security needs of wearables.

Kenneth Boyle, Senior Principal Global Product Manager, G+D

Perfectly positioned for early adopters

So much of wearable technology is driven by early adopters, and this means we need to respond rapidly to a shifting market. Early adopters are all about fully-functional wearables and mobile devices. G+D offers an end-to-end solution that significantly shortens time to market. We cover the eUICC hardware element along with all the connectivity and security concerns that arise with remote activation and end-user lifecycle management of the device. Regardless of form factor, G+D inherently secures consumer credentials. For active and passive devices, G+D incorporates EMV security so transactions are protected at the highest levels. For smart wearables, it is one more level of security, as your identity is protected within the device via the embedded secure element: first rate, hardware-based security.

Convenience driven by functionality

According to an outlook report by CCS Insight, some 411 million smart wearable devices – worth a staggering $34 billion – will be sold in 2020. For wider adoption to occur, wearables must be configured to address multiple-use cases within a single device and avoid the current trend of short-lived value to the consumer. G+D helps increase stickiness for the consumer by making it possible to introduce more “attractive” wearables through increased functionality and value-added OTA (over-the-air) credential management. We partner with OEMs to improve the user experience, which results in increased adoption.


Fully-integrated solution: the wearables enablement platform by G+D

The G+D wearables enablement platform brings OEMs a market-ready, end-to-end solution in as little as three to six months. The platform is built to GlobalPlatform specifications with the necessary industry certifications required for fully integrated roll out on day one. Sought after device functionality, such as payment, transit, ticketing, access – or even acting as a smart car key to unlock and start your car, is available today.
G+D’s wearables expertise and experience coupled with the wearables enablement platform supports OEMs worldwide with the goal of making secure consumer mobility a reality. Security has always been our focus, and we bring security to you and your customers no matter where and how the wearable is used.

Why choose G+D for wearables solutions

Customers want secure, convenient, all-in-one wearable devices they can use in all sorts of instances, such as payment, access, ticketing, health monitoring, or connectivity.

At G+D, our security expertise means we can offer:

  • More convenient payment, access, ticketing, and connectivity methods

  • Peace of mind with proven G+D security

  • Industry-leading, ever-advancing security capabilities

  • End-to-end solution for secure credential-enabled wearables

  • Partnerships with industry leaders to ensure first-rate quality and functionality

  • Reduced time to market (average six months vs. up to two years)

  • EMVCo certified GP (GlobalPlatform) solution

  • Passive bands are waterproof

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