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Never more challenging, never more critical

Easy access, but make it a privilege

Despite recent industry advances in Identity and Access Management (IAM), many businesses are still struggling with how to manage access to their critical systems in efficient, cost-effective ways.

Many organizations now have suppliers that need access to all manner of their systems, and as a result are turning to cloud services or mobile apps to boost productivity and cut costs. However, when you think of all the apps employees use on a day-to-day basis then the scale of the security challenge becomes clear. Figuring out how to manage access for employees and partners via multiple devices and locations, without compromising security, is no mean feat. What’s more, high-profile security breaches are already influencing access management security policies, and new data protection laws are now enforceable by law, meaning companies can face huge fines if they don’t comply. In short, there is a lot to address.

A reputation for protecting digital identities

At G+D, we have long history in providing trust and security to clients all over the world. Not only have we introduced over 100 million authentication cards that protect access for customers worldwide, we also provide over a hundred different mobile payments solutions to leading financial institutions and manage more than 1 billion mobile devices globally.

We have a well-deserved reputation for supporting governments and central banks in delivering secure services, managing identities not only for employees and people, but for other assets such as machines, cars, and other connected devices.

However, at G+D, our portfolio and our experience allow us to offer a fair and measured response to all of these issues. We offer a huge range of solutions, enabling our customers to enjoy industry-leading protection of digital identities, transactions, payments, and data.
We’re proud of the way we manage access to billions of identities, securing and managing our customers transactions, identities, and assets for their entire lifecycle, and are keen to share our knowledge and expertise with the world.

Two-factor authentication is the benchmark in access management

Anytime, anywhere, any device

Company employees now have the need to access all the necessary applications and resources whenever they need to. However, companies also have to be wary of the accompanying security risks. As the trend for stronger authentication solutions continues to grow (usernames and passwords alone haven’t cut it for a long time), access will need to be securely managed and granted with at least two-factor authentication.

  • Every user now has, on average, 25 passwords to remember

  • Every minute, 19 people across the world have their identity stolen

  • A laptop is stolen every 53 seconds

  • It costs, on average, $7M to recover from a single corporate data breach

Data protection and IT security are now simply a MUST. The question is how to protect valuable information but make sure employees can access all the applications and resources they need.

Alois Kliner

Benefits of two-factor authentication

Compliance and auditing

Our two-factor authentication suite gives you the ability to comply with data protection regulations and pass security audits.

Convenient security

We work hard to make things as easy as possible without compromising on security, making things straightforward for both end-users and administrators.

Scalable security solutions

We offer the required scalable security needed for your digital transformation, tailored to serve your needs and accommodate your different risk levels.

Global security and mobile intelligence

Use our solutions, and you can leverage our mobile, security, and smartcard expertise to ensure convenient, performant, and fully trusted digital services.

Secure management solution

We offer a secure management solution for issuing, provisioning, managing, and authenticating digital identities that saves both time and effort.

We take care of security, you take care of business

1. Security and scalability

We offer secure key credential management and data exchange. This solution can grow with your organization to support a future number of users and authenticators, and new users can be added at any time.

2. Ease of use and convenience for end users

We make security as convenient as possible using easy two-factor authentication. We provide users with authentication methods to match their circumstances/needs, which makes for a clear process that is easy-to-use even at remote access points.

3. Easy IT administration

Our solutions give you the ability to secure multiple access points (be it wireless, VPN, desktops, or facilities) by relying on one platform. We offer a secure management solution for issuing, revoking, provisioning, managing, and authenticating the digital identities of all your users, mobile devices, machines, and applications.

Proper protection, whatever the situation

Our sophisticated solutions offer integrated authentication solutions for work, home, or on the move, helping you secure and manage whatever digital identities you need to, both in the real and virtual world.
Our Company ID Suite range offers strong authentication in various forms. Not only is it an innovative package for strong, stable, and secure mobile authentication, it also offers options for web service providers, with a high level of protection designed to make them stand out from competitors. Furthermore, all the solutions the package offers are incredibly easy to integrate into your existing IT infrastructure.

We provide scalable security solutions for:

• Service providers

• Large organizations

• System integrators

• Certification authorities

• Identity providers/brokers

• Web service providers

So, there’s all this security. What about usability?

Security meets ease-of-use

As a final point, security is all well and good, but if no one likes using it then we’ve created problems, not solved them. Even if you want to implement all the latest security measures, you don’t want to create unnecessary obstacles.
However, you do want to be able to challenge users depending on your security needs in each different situation.

A seamleass shield of security measures

As an experienced partner, G+D Mobile Security can support your organization to ensure that, whatever the solution we provide, it fits perfectly with your needs. For example, our solutions work in conjunction with security audits, pen tests, etc. by secunet. We will work collaboratively with you to make sure everything knits together perfectly.

Get insider insights

The StarSign® Crypto USB Token with its compact and lightweight design is the convenient key to strong two-factor authentication, password and credential management, encryption, and secure digital signing applications. Download our StarSign® Crypto USB Token datasheet now and discover how G+D Mobile Security future technologies can help you secure your business.

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