CONVEGO® Mobile Authentication

Highly secure, seamless, biometric based and PSD2 compliant.

FIDO biometric based, PSD2 compliant, strong customer authentication

In an open banking PSD2 environment, where third party providers will be able to offer new banking services through an open API infrastructure, strong customer authentication is paramount.

Reports and incidences over the last couple of years highlight an urgent need for securer compliant authentication tools that meet the latest Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) requirements. SMS-OTP (one-time password via SMS) is no longer sufficient. At a time when consumers are using smartphones more than computers to access digital services such as banking, access needs to be simple, yet highly secure. FIDO deliver this securely and elegantly, whilst also keeping costs down for Financial Institutions who no longer need to issue additional hardware such as verification dongles, code generators and scratch cards. With the expansion of biometric based smartphones and open standards like FIDO, this is mitigated by using an independent possession factor. And with FIDO the authentication complexity is hidden from the end consumer, providing a smooth and simple user experience. FIDO meets the requirements of users, regulators and Financial Institutions by being simple, secure and cost-effective, CONVEGO® Mobile Authentication solution is already delivering FIDO biometric based, PSD2 compliant, strong customer authentication to millions of users worldwide.

Be prepared for new challenges ahead!

PSD2 is here. Are you prepared for the new challenges this means in terms of your customers experience? In this infographic we give you six reasons to integrate Biometrics now, so you can provide a compliant, safe and secure mobile authentication solution without compromising on the user experience.

  • At G+D Mobile Security we understand the new use cases and business models driven by regulations and user behavior, and the challenges that come with the required new security approach.

  • Our solution brings technological and marketing benefits, and is scalable across both IOS and Android mobile device platforms.

  • We enable easy, secure and simplified user experience - no passwords, no additional hardware.

  • G+D Mobile Security offers a secure PSD2-compliant solution uniquely certified by both FIDO and Common Criteria.

Our FIDO compliant two-factor solution

With a FIDO compliant two-factor solution for mobile authentication, and an expected market growth of 23% for multi-factor authentication solutions until 2021, there is no doubt that this frictionless customer experience will become a revenue booster! Download our customer case study for more insights!


State-of-the art user experience

To someone logging into their banking app using FIDO, they may simply use a biometric such as fingerprint, and they're authenticated securely into the app. It’s consumer centric, easy and safe.

  • FIDO meets the requirements of users, regulators and service providers by being simple, secure and cost-effective.

  • Two-factor authentication happens in the background using FIDO public/private key PKI infrastructure and the FIDO challenge/response protocol between the device and a  FIDO server, delivering a smooth user experience.

  • G+D Mobile Security’s portfolio of identity management solutions provides opportunities and value added  services such as seamless online onboarding, digital payment and wallets, enabling Financial Institutions to ramp up their customer offerings and find new revenue streams.

  • With years of worldwide experience in digital banking, G+D Mobile Security is a global leader in securing and authenticating identities.

  • Consumers are likely to be enthusiastic champions of Mobile Authentication as it provides a convenient, fast, frictionless experience at the POS, from which Financial Institutions gain branding advantages.

  • With a choice of multiple biometric options, based on a future proofed industry standard with strong backing of major companies, our solution helps reducing long-term investment risks.

CONVEGO® Mobile Authentication solution

Get a deep dive into the nitty gritty with G+D Mobile Security’s CONVEGO® Mobile Authenication solution in this datasheet!


G+D Mobile Security is one of  the leading providers of payment offerings, with a strong emphasis on securing transactions in both the online and offline space.

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