Seamless Authentication

Secure and intuitive identity journeys for customers of financial institutions

Secure and seamless identity journeys start here

Protecting customers and reducing the risk of fraud in an increasingly complex digital world is among banks’ biggest challenges right now.

Meeting strict AML regulation, anti-terror laws and the resulting KYC procedures is another. Secure Remote Identification by G+D Mobile Security helps you verify the identity of new customers during onboarding to provide secure and seamless identity journeys from day one.

Turn the onboarding process into a great experience

Today’s connected customers expect seamless, all-online sign-up processes – whether they are joining a social platform or creating a bank account. You need compliant onboarding solutions that can be easily integrated into current processes to offer a seamless customer experience while significantly reducing of the risk of fraud.

Secure onboarding is integral to a seamless customer experience

Convenience and compliance in one

Our intuitive and customer-friendly solution is based on official ID documents – such as national ID and passports – while promoting self-service and pre-checks in a bid to reduce eventual agent time. This efficiency extends throughout our modular system that has been designed to realize identity processes in line with country-specific policies from financial regulation authorities.

Customer onboarding at a glance

  • Simple new customer onboarding with extensive identity verification

  • Fully digitalized processes that safeguard consumer experiences

  • Major reduction of the risk of identity theft. Flexible, modular concept to build compliant business processes around new account openings

  • Seamless integration into already existing business processes, for example into existing apps, connectivity to CRM systems, automatic reporting, and billing

What secure onboarding by G+D gives you

  • Video-chat based and self-service ident solutions

  • Multi-channel support for smartphones, tablet, terminal, and desktops

  • Same system for POS and remote identity management

  • Shorter times than traditional offline identification processes

  • Modular system solution to build compliant onboarding processes

Why choose G+D Mobile Security?

Our modular and scalable approach enables you to build the exact identification process that you need. We focus on automation where possible to increase the quality of service, yet at the same time reducing costs. Our capabilities for automated security feature checks, automatic OCR readouts of documents, and self-service pre-check flows demonstrate this. As a long-term provider of innovative security solutions to leading financial institutions around the world, G+D offers full support wherever you are.
Our identification solutions are provided as managed Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) or Ident-as-a-Service – based on your needs. SaaS offers you the opportunity to integrate onboarding flows into existing business processes, making use of established call centers and partners. Ident-as-a-Service takes this one step further to include business process outsourcing of the complete identification and registration activities. Both methods can be seamlessly integrated into your existing customer front-end channels – app- or browser-based.

Your customers are in safe hands with G+D

Our portfolio of mobile security solutions enables managed connectivity, online banking, digital transformation, and the Internet of Things. We value the long-term engagements we have with our existing customers. Our secure remote identity solution provides an easy to use, modular framework for secure customer onboarding. It can be implemented on different channels with a scalable feature set. We offer automatic security feature checks that support a unique process experience, reduce cost, and increase quality.

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