Innovative Card Designs

Wow your customers with iconic cards they will love to use

Wow your customers with iconic card designs

Cards with a memorable look and feel offer an ideal opportunity to differentiate, establish, and maintain a close relationship with the customer. In short, this piece of plastic remains a central marketing tool. G+D Mobile Security is a global market leader, supplying banks around the world with card products, as well as associated software and solutions.

The CONVEGO® Factors card portfolio of G+D Mobile Security includes a wide range of special surfaces, effects, techniques, materials, and form factors, so the possibilities of their most advanced technologies are almost endless. G+D is happy to assist you in creating and launching your new line of unique, never-before-seen cards. Browse and be inspired!

Your success is always in your cards


CONVEGO® Factors Natural

This card shows that you share the environmental concerns of your customers.

Organically-based raw material and a smaller carbon footprint

This new card product is made of PLA, an environmentally-friendly, organically-based raw material, with a carbon footprint lower than that of standard card materials. With this product, G+D aims to promote environmental stewardship and sustainable product design. Financial institutions choose this design to demonstrate the values they share with environmentally-aware customers. G+D takes environmental concerns into account early on in the product development stage.

CONVEGO® Factors Colored Edge

Show your colors all around: your colors of choice show along the edge of your card. The colorful edge makes it easier and faster for customers to identify your payment card.

The card that gives you an edge

Cards with colored core sheets give the edges of cards a dash of vibrant color. These eye-catchers are an up-and-coming trend. G&D offers a wide range of standard colors to make the card easily identifiably as customers peer into their wallets. This is a very good opportunity for any bank to differentiate itself and put color inside the card.

CONVEGO® Factors Perspective

Its 3D effect and layers invite holders to give this card more than just a glance.

The card with layers and depth

Special printing techniques add three-dimensional effects to your cards by placing design elements on different layers. The fascinating 3D effect makes for unique cards that stand out from the norm – as much as their designs seem to stand out from the surface.

CONVEGO® Factors Translucent

Transparency and depth come together in this extravagant eye-catcher of a card.

Take transparency a step further

These innovative cards can be made to be semitransparent or completely see-through depending on your wishes. Add a sense of depth to your logos and designs with three-dimensional effects.

CONVEGO® Factors Metal Effect

CONVEGO® FACTORS Metal Effect for that special sense of solid reliability.

A shiny look and a solid metal surface for a premium-quality feel

By layering metallic inks and foils, we can create cards that mimic this attractive look while giving an impression of depth wherever you want it. Your prints and designs can either overlay the background or merge with it to create a unique metallic look that highlights your logos and visuals.

CONVEGO® Factors Nacre

A luxury card: what could be more luxurious than owning a beautiful card that’s one of a kind?

Like a unique piece of jewelry

With their singular mother-of-pearl look, these exclusive cards exude a premium flair. The G+D production process utilizes random nacre patterns, ensuring that no two cards ever look the same.


Your clients touch their cards every day. Why not choose a card that gives your clients a unique feel they can touch?

Add subtle tactile sensations to your cards

G+D can create unique haptic elements by applying special finishes and textures to card surfaces. Use this effect to bring your logos and designs to life.


CONVEGO® FACTORS Emphasis cards catch light and colors – and the attention of your clients.

For a lasting effect

Add a touch of magic to your cards with sparkling, fluorescent, phosphorescent, thermochromic, or other optically variable inks and foils. Whether you want your cards to change color, glow in the dark, or shimmer in the light – G+D is able to create special effects unheard of in generic cards.


A truly sensual pleasure, G+D's CONVEGO® FACTORS Scent cards will dazzle the senses of your clients.

A sensual experience

Enriched with microcapsules carrying any fragrance of your choice or creation, they will take your brand image further than images or words ever could. Instead of just being noticed, your brand will come to be associated with a positive sensual experience.


Stand out with the custom-designed card shapes of G+D's CONVEGO® FACTORS Shape.

Think outside the box

These cards come in a wide variety of shapes and configurations. What they have in common? They have been approved by major payment schemes. Whether you want to emphasize your logo, a key visual, or simply the fact that you’re different from all the others, a whole world of previously unseen shapes awaits you.

Matching solutions

Fulfillment and packaging

You have the message, we carry a large catalogue of packaging products to help you bring the message to your customer.

Trusted mobile hub

CONVEGO® Hub by G+D Mobile Security is the only solution that supports mobile payments for multiple payment schemes and allows you to interface with issuers and wallet providers.

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