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Payment-enabled wearables offer maximum convenience

Convenience is no longer a buzzword. Your customers crave wearable technology that comes “payment-enabled” right out of the box – and fully protected. G+D’s secure, EMVCo-certified infrastructure safeguards the tokenization channel end-to-end, so your customers feel safe whether they choose to pay by EMV card, mobile device, or wearable.

As our lifestyles become more and more mobile, the payment industry is responding to accommodate our needs. Customers require flexible products that make their on-the-go lives easier. Hence the development of new payment methods such as wearables. For those times when you go for a long walk and don’t want to carry a wallet, or you want to hop on a train without searching for your ticket or digging through your wallet to pay for your morning coffee, wearables make our lives easier by making payment transactions faster and simpler – literally a “flick of the wrist.”

G+D collaborates with all the major payment schemes to ensure secure payment for virtually any combination of consumer payment preferences and device-maker specifications. Therefore, different individuals may use and/or own a wearable throughout its lifecycle. As such, a device will likely be loaded with more than one payment credential and, in cases where cellular connectivity is available, loaded with more than one mobile operator credential. Remote credential management is facilitated by the secure elements embedded in the devices and the secure over-the-air connections between the host and the wearable.

Value-added secure services

Expanded functionality like secure payments via wearables keeps your brand top-of-mind among your customers. G+D wearable offerings undergo constant evolution. We include additional functionality to provide support for new use cases such as access, ticketing, and health monitoring. For financial institutions, frequent security enhancements ensure payment transactions and bank/identity credentials remain protected against threats.

Passive devices: secure and seamless connections

Thorsten Röske, global head of Solutions Sales and Partnerships, Enterprise OEM at G+D Mobile Security, talks about how to enable passive wearables with payment functionality.

NFC meets EMV in G+D's passive-device technology

Passive wearable technology uses near-field communication (NFC) to transmit important data for easy payment as long as they have a seamless and secure connection. G+D’s passive devices incorporate the same security as our EMV offering to ensure protection of the end-user’s identity and payment credentials. Passive wearables can serve as an attractive marketing opportunity for financial institutions, events, and even transit agencies. G+D’s passive bands are customizable – by color, branding, and use case.

Active devices: next gen payment options

Secure, convenient mobile and wearable payment options

Consumers are actively adopting smart wearables because of the convenient connectivity wearables offer. Your financial institution customer base is among these wearables users. Offering a mobile payment, wearable-friendly option to your customers ensures they use your institution’s accounts when loading their payment-enabled devices. Mobile payment requires more than chip, packaging, personalization, and activation. It requires secure integration with access systems, ticketing, and more.

G+D is poised to help our financial institution customers offer secure, convenient mobile and wearable payment options. The G+D Mobile Security portfolio is the result of a long history of security solutions and partnerships with industry leaders to ensure first-rate quality and functionality.

Comprehensive end-to-end solution

The G+D powered wearables enablement platform

Payment capabilities for wearable devices will soon be an expectation from customers as contactless payment opportunities expand. For financial institutions looking to expand their payment offerings – into mobile and, to be truly on trend, into wearables – G+D brings you an end-to-end solution to ensure a smooth, secure, and timely launch. Security has always been our focus, and we bring that security to you and your customers, no matter where and how payment is made.

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