The Road to Industry 4.0

Secure remote access and active cyber protection for industrial devices

Securing industrial infrastructures

The frequency and severity of cyberattacks on manufacturing targets is growing at an alarming rate. Bringing its long expertise in securing critical infrastructures to the industrial sector, G+D helps manufacturers in their race to build up cyber security. More importantly, its secure IoT solutions create a protected framework as manufacturers embark on the industrial IoT journey.

While breaches are a major concern in and of themselves, they also point to an underlying vulnerability in production sites. Machines are increasingly digital and connected. Their long lifecycle has many legacy devices depending on outdated operating systems, which no longer receive security patches. Moreover, generic IT security products – such as antivirus or firewalls software – cannot provide sufficient security for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).
G+D's smart manufacturing portfolio, Secure Industrial Visibility, actively shields and secures access to machines and devices in all areas, from research and development to shipment. It supports onboarding new machinery as well as retrofitting. This allows customers to extend the short security lifespan to match the much longer machine lifecycle. Manufacturers can tailor this modular and scalable solution to their specific needs. Offerings include full security lifecycle management and security-related services.

Legacy complexity and cybersecurity concerns among main IIoT hurdles

Digitization is a global trend. Why? As cost pressure rises and disruptive innovations gain ground, manufacturers look to digitization as they strive to ensure operational excellence, improve sales, and develop new business models. The Internet of Industrial Things provides an interoperable digital environment, where manufacturing and operations can securely exchange data to to ensure cost-efficient operations. However, this higher level of connectivity also requires top-level security measures. The solution? G+D's Secure Industrial Visibility (SIV) Suite.

Paving the way for a secure digital transformation of manufacturing

G+D's Secure Industrial Visibility solution not only shields manufacturing sites with the latest in high-end security technology. The visibility of connected machines and their usage benefits manufacturers at all levels. SIV gives manufacturers, administrators, and manufacturing the detailed insights along the entire value chain. Transparent and actionable data analytics help decision-makers optimize performance, streamline processes and workflows, and develop new business. Capacity management benefits from stats for the entire machine park. This includes connected machines originally not designed to provide data to the IIoT.

Main use cases of Secure Industrial Visibility

Remote diagnosis and assistance

Speeds up problem resolution
+Collection and analysis of diagnosis data for effective problem resolution
+Operator assistance

System update

Keeps firmware and software on your system up-to-date
+New software, and adaptations and update
+System (re-) configuration

Effective maintenance

Enhances preventive maintenance planning
+Periodical screen of system with condition check to plan preventive actions
+Allows future oriented business models e.g. for condition triggered or predictive maintenance

Performance management and reports

Ensure optimal system operations
+Analysis of relevant machine data
+Expert consultancy for optimal system adjustment and usage

Help to improve processing efficiency
+Reports on system utilization and performance

Trusted identification

Provides a trusted ID for all your machinery
+Hardware based unique ID (Smart Card controller)
+Allows machine-specific quality assurance, monitoring etc.

Active machine protection

Protects your production equipment
+With the highest and always up-to-date level of IT security
+Ideally every single machine is protected via micro segmentation
+Machine lifecycle (very long) and security lifecycle (very short) are decoupled

What Secure Industrial Visibility can do for you

  • Gain visibility and control usage thanks to detailed insight across all your production processes, sites, and installations.

  • Keep investment in security expertise low. Remote access and near real-time data, such as alarms and error messages, help you reduce reaction times, service time, and costs, for example for travel expenses.

  • Enables predictive capacity planning and new services for quality assurance, such as tracking changes with auditable logs.

  • Minimize your total cost of ownership by decoupling the long device and the short IT lifecycles. Enable new usage-based business models or outsource production based on actionable data.

  • Manage multiple sites with a central-management platform that makes it easy to keep policies consistent across locations. Multiple service-partner management, i.e. multi-tenancy, is supported.

  • Increase protection with up-to-date and future-oriented cyber protection. The solution also helps prevent data leakage.

  • Protect your remote and roaming staff by making it easy for them to work safely outside of your network – no matter where they are – with a browser-based user interface.

  • Allows for anonymized predictive maintenance data analytics

Secure Industrial Visibility modules

G+D Secure Industrial Visibility is a comprehensive solution for industrial IoT infrastructures. It seamlessly merges two powerful modules – Active Cyber Protection and Secure IoT Connection. Both modules are also available as standalone solutions.


Secure IoT connection to the Industrial Internet of Things

This clientless IoT connector supports all your use cases, from connectivity to data transparency, from remote system monitoring to predictive and preventive maintenance.

Active Cyber Protection for systems and environments

This security suite shields systems and environments from cyberattacks. It makes networks invisible to the outside, without impacting medical devices, systems, or processes on the inside.


ICS Security: Top 10 Threats and Countermeasures 2016

This overview by the German Federal Office for Information Security looks at the key threats to industrial systems and possible countermeasures.

Smart, secure, and disruptive

Every year, Juniper Research identifies organizations that have made outstanding contributions to their industry and are in a position to make a significant impact in the future.

G+D visibility solution named Best Emerging & Disruptive Technology

In 2016, Juniper – Future Digital Awards named G+D Mobile Security’s "Secure Industrial Visibility" solution the "Best Emerging & Disruptive Technology/Platform".

"G+D Mobile Security have unparalleled experience in providing authentication and security solutions for key business processes. Their 'Secure Industrial Visibility' solution is both innovative and provides a key tool in a sector where securing critical infrastructure will be fundamental moving forward." (Juniper Research, 2016)

First introduced in 2010, G+D's current iteration of Secure Industrial Visibility protects 60+ international customers in the following application areas:
+National Banks
+Automotive Industry
+Aerospace industry
+Logistics industry
+Critical infrastructure

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