Secure IoT Connection

IoT Connection for Industrial Machines

Securing industrial infrastructures

Manufacturers also look to digitization to improve sales, operational excellence, and cost efficiency, as well as new customer-centric business models. But cyber security and protecting vulnerable research and design data are major concerns. Manufacturers need reliable availability as well as secure transparency and visibility to their processes, products, and machines to keep costs low and enable new services for their customers.

Current IoT connectivity challenges

How to connect?

Currently, there are no standards for IoT, which cover machines.
Machines are designed for safety and availability, but not for IT security.

How to consume?

Conflict between racing to benefit from the IoT hype and a clear vision for a business plan

How to collect?

None of the machines currently in use are designed to provide data to IoT.

How to compare?

There are no standardized protocols.

Available office IT (VPN-based) solutions are insufficient for OT

Machine vendors' individual VPN solutions are difficult to manage in terms of security.
The risks for data leakage and cyber-attacks remain.

Paving the way for a secure digital transformation of manufacturing

Requirements for secure industrial-grade connectivity

  • A generic solution compatible with all machines and devices

  • Connectivity without side effects

  • Fine granular policy management for access

  • Enterprise integration, for example with SAP

  • Integrated logging with auditable logs

  • Retrofit and future-proof IoT connection,
    including option for integration of upcoming standards, and
    protocol translation and harmonization

Comparison of IoT connection solution for industrial machines

RAS – IPsec VPN – TLS Tunnel

From reactive to proactive

Secure IoT Connection – clientless and without side-effects

This clientless IoT connector supports all your smart manufacturing use cases, from connectivity to data transparency, from remote system monitoring to predictive and preventive maintenance.

With remote service, availability rises from 98% to 99,8% G+D's clientless IoT connector takes service from reactive to proactive.

Secure IoT Connection by G+D

Modules of Secure IoT Connection

The solution modules of Secure IoT Connection

  • IoT Gateway
    +A connectivity gateway that allows near real-time answer to support requests
    +System monitoring allows condition triggered or predictive maintenance

  • Central Management Platform
    +A high-security data center, located at the high-security area of G+D, Munich
    +Implements various security measures, e. g. firewalls, intrusion detection system, security information, and event management etc.

  • 24/7 administration and application hotline
    +1st-level support

  • Policy Manager
    +Application that allows fine granular policy management for access control
    +Fully controlled by the customer (only on-site access)

  • Integration service (optional extension)
    +Support for system and machine integration
    +Consulting service for connectivity, tool integration, and data collection.

  • Customer Portal
    +Restrictive, person-based access with strong two-factor authentication
    +Security policy checks such as IP-address white-listing

Features of the industrial-grade IoT device connector

  • Allows near real-time answer to support requests

  • Problem analysis and often resolution without service engineer being on-site

  • System monitoring allows condition triggered or predictive maintenance

  • Fine granular rights management for access control

  • Customer has full control over any IoT access activities, both internal and external

Smart, secure, and disruptive

Every year, Juniper Research identifies organizations that have made outstanding contributions to their industry and are in a position to make a significant impact in the future.

G+D visibility solution named Best Emerging & Disruptive Technology

In 2016, Juniper – Future Digital Awards named G+D Mobile Security’s "Secure Industrial Visibility" solution the "Best Emerging & Disruptive Technology/Platform".

"G+D Mobile Security have unparalleled experience in providing authentication and security solutions for key business processes. Their 'Secure Industrial Visibility' solution is both innovative and provides a key tool in a sector where securing critical infrastructure will be fundamental moving forward." (Juniper Research, 2016)

First introduced in 2010, G+D's current iteration of SIV protects 60+ international customers in the following application areas:

  • National Banks

  • Automotive Industry

  • Aerospace industry

  • Logistics industry

  • Critical infrastructure

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