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In the public sector, the digital transformation is ushering in a new approach to transacting, interacting, and communicating with citizens, patients, and businesses. G+D Mobile Security supports and enables the public-sector digitization journey with efficient and secure solutions.

With digital systems gaining ground, they not only reshape the way the public sector delivers services but emphasize a growing need for cyber security and for managing the identities of citizen, patients, and devices.

G+D's products and services for the public sector range from smart health cards to secure components for national ID cards, and from shielding critical infrastructures all the way to enabling secure IoT connectivity.

*Source: The journey to government’s digital transformation, Deloitte University Press, 2016 |

Key solutions for the public sector

Smart Health 2.0

Bringing its long expertise in securing critical infrastructures to the healthcare sector, G+D helps institutions in their race to build up cyber security.

  Find out about the secure road to Smart Health 2.0

Smart health cards

Taking a lock-and-key approach, G+D smart health cards secure the identities of patients, health professionals, and pharmacists. And it offers a powerful Card Application Managing System for issuers.

  Explore the range of possibilities of smart health cards

ID documents

Governments can no longer rely on non-digital ID procedures to fight cybercrime and identity forgery. A global leader in ID systems, G+D delivers highly effective cyber identity-control via Veridos.

  Learn more about ID Documents


As the public sector becomes more digitized, attacks targeting loopholes increase. G+D has a dedicated unit to provide the public sector with cyber security at the highest level.

  Explore our solutions for cybersecurity

Smart cities

Smart city solutions communicate via the Internet of Things, but they are highly vulnerable to cyberattacks. G+D has developed ultra-secure IoT technology to ensure end-to-end protection.

  Explore our solutions for smarter cities

Critical infrastructures

Whether a nuclear power plant, energy grid or transport facility, as public infrastructure becomes more connected, it also becomes more vulnerable to potentially disastrous cyberattacks.

  Learn more about protecting critical infrastructure

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