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Proactive cyber security for infrastructure with G+D

Defending government infrastructure

Whether a nuclear power plant, energy grid or transport facility, as public infrastructure becomes more connected, it also becomes more vulnerable to potentially disastrous cyberattacks. G+D’s experts know how to keep the hackers out and the workplace safe. Our solutions and services cover absolutely all channels – from equipment and the IoT to mobile apps and physical access to premises.

Any public-sector organization is a target

Cybercriminals are increasingly focusing on the public sector and making sensational headlines, such as with the recent WannaCry, Petya, and NotPetya ransomware attacks. Hospitals in particular have been targeted and vital medical equipment directly hacked. Many hospitals across the UK were so badly affected by WannaCry in May 2017 that thousands of urgent operations had to be suspended. In the USA, health record data for hundreds of thousands of patients has been stolen in various attacks over the last few years.

In fact, any public service is a potential target, from energy, telecoms, transport, and lighting to citizen ID and civil services. With fraudsters becoming ever more professional, the public sector must act proactively to secure public assets and prevent cyber catastrophes. This is where G+D has the arsenal to defeat the hackers and defend public assets. Controlling access and identifying administrators is crucial to keeping fraudsters out. Highly secure chips embedded in smart cards, key fobs, and USB tokens are the perfect solution for logging on to critical systems. G+D has a broad portfolio of certified products used in the public sector, as well as military-grade solutions.

Communication, both internal and external, is another vulnerable area. G+D takes care of key management and end-to-end encryption to prevent strikes such as man-in-the-middle attacks.

To ensure maximum security, a security-by-design approach for application development is absolutely essential, particularly if programs are used on employees’ own mobile devices (bring your own device or BYOD). G+D offers a toolkit for the development of secure applications.

Why choose G+D solutions for public infrastructure?

Complete digital protection

  • Consulting services – close cooperation to ensure customized security of the highest standard

  • Ultra-secure mobile apps development with G+D’s Trusted Application Kit (TAK)

  • High security for equipment management with G+D’s Secure Industrial Visibility (SIV) solution

  • Wide security expertise – financial institutions, MNOs, transit, government, healthcare, enterprises, manufacturing, automotive, device makers, and more

  • Employee ID and workplace protection and control with G+D’s StarSign® Solutions

  • All-round technology for the complete digital defense of public infrastructure

  • Complete integration – all G+D solutions are compatible with existing environments

Secure industrial visibility safeguards networked machinery

Protecting equipment with Secure Industrial Visibility

For public sector services, particularly infrastructure, increasing digitization for equipment control and management unfortunately also means an increase in security risk. G+D’s Secure Industrial Visibility (SIV) solution protects equipment and control systems with tunnel technology, delivering top protection without affecting equipment performance. All involved will all have to interact intelligently with each other as we move into the digital age. With SIV, you can make sure that they do so securely.

Explore our Secure Industrial Visibility solution

This modular G+D solution gives you visibility and control of usage for one or multiple sites. It strengthens cyber protection, protects your remote and roaming staff, and ensures secure interactions between trusted machines.

Benefits of Secure Industrial Visibility

SIV delivers top protection, efficiency gains, flexibility, and a strong return on investment.

  • High-level security for machinery and operations

  • Secure data management

  • More efficient maintenance and control management

  • Improved quality control

  • Real­time reporting

  • Increased visibility and control of usage

  • Auditable logs

  • Management of multiple sites with cloud­based platform with consistent policy management across locations

Mobile app security with TAK

Public infrastructure operators increasingly need to provide staff with user-friendly apps. G+D’s Trusted Application Kit (TAK) is a software development kit that enables organizations to develop apps and assets for mobile operating systems, such as Android™ or iOS, with higher levels of security than ever before.

Mobile devices security

TAK is G+D's SDK for app developers and an application security framework for mobile operating systems like Android™ or iOS. Ideal for apps that require enhanced security, TAK takes a layered security approach, protecting apps from a range of threat types.

Benefits of Trusted Application Kit

  • High quality G+D security for peace of mind

  • Compatible with a wide range of mobile devices, systems, and country-specific technical requirements

  • Widely scalable

  • Easily integrated by service providers, application providers, and device makers

  • Cost-efficient

  • Fast time-to-market

  • Allows app provider to focus on business while G+D handles security

  • Full lifecycle management – security built into app during implementation and coding

Find out about TAK

An SDK and a security framework for mobile OS

The Trusted Application Kit by G+D helps software developers meet the growing demand for higher security for mobile apps.

Ensure employee ID and workplace security

Ensure employee ID and workplace security

Controlling employee ID and workplace-access is absolutely critical to infrastructure security. G+D’s StarSign® range of smart ID cards, tokens, middleware and authentication services is the ideal solution, providing highest security with user-friendliness and is simple to integrate and implement. Major public infrastructure operators around the world rely on our StarSign® products to control employee ID, facility access and work processes.

Enterprise security

We know how to keep organizations safe: G+D offers a one-stop identity shop for issuing, revoking, provisioning, managing, and authenticating digital identities of users (IAM), mobile devices, machines, and applications.

Bringing award-winning solutions to the public sector

Every year Juniper Research identifies organizations who have made outstanding contributions to their industry and are in a position to make a significant impact in the future.

Awards for Secure Industrial Visibility and Trusted Application Kit

In 2016, Juniper – Future Digital Awards named G+D Mobile Security’s “Secure Industrial Visibility” solution the "Best Emerging & Disruptive Technology/Platform".

"G+D Mobile Security have unparalleled experience in providing authentication and security solutions for key business processes. Their “Secure Industrial Visibility” solution is both innovative and provides a key tool in a sector where securing critical infrastructure will be fundamental moving forward." (Juniper Research, 2016)

Trusted Application Kit (TAK)
Recognized as "Best in Show" at Payments Summit, USA, hosted by Secure Technology Alliance, 2017

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