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Digital protection for public service providers and citizens

Keeping government data safe

The risk of cyberattacks on the public sector has never been greater. With digital criminals becoming ever more sophisticated, standard security measures have become insufficient. As the public sector becomes more digitized, the opportunities to target data, communications, and networks increase. To provide the public sector with cyber security at the highest level, G+D has a dedicated unit delivering a wide range of solutions and services.

The pressure on the public sector to deliver better services at lower costs through IT is immense. Externally, citizens now expect safe, convenient solutions like smart ID cards, user-friendly mobile apps, and online services.
Internally, IT departments increasingly have to provide widely accessible but safe new applications, particularly for payment processing, employee identification, workplace productivity, and the IoT. Whether a hospital, power plant, or welfare program, G+D has the know-how and experience to ensure public-service providers get the best possible protection.

Why choose G+D?

G+D – the perfect partner for public-sector digital defense

Peace of mind: G+D is recognized as a worldwide leader in digital security.

  • Wide security expertise – finance, ID, transit, workplace, healthcare, infrastructure, IoT

  • All-round security – technology to cover the whole spectrum of digital defense

  • Ultra-secure mobile apps development with G+D’s Trusted Application Kit (TAK)

  • High security for equipment management with G+D’s Secure Industrial Visibility (SIV) solution

  • Employee ID and workplace protection and control with G+D’s StarSign® solutions

  • Cost-efficiency – scalable solutions tailored to fit risk requirements

  • Complete integration – all G+D solutions compatible with existing environments

  • Consulting services – close cooperation to ensure customized security of the highest standard

Mobile app security with TAK

Public service providers, particularly in areas like healthcare, transport, welfare and employment programs, need to provide customers with user-friendly apps.
G+D’s Trusted Application Kit (TAK) is a software-developer kit that enables organizations to protect apps and assets for mobile operating systems like Android or iOS with a higher level than ever before.

Flexible, affordable, and very secure

• High quality G+D security for peace of mind
• Compatible with a wide range of mobile devices, systems, and country-specific technical issues
• Widely scalable
• Easily integrated by Service Providers, Application Providers, and OEMs
• Cost efficient
• Smart card swaps unnecessary
• Fast time to market
• Allows app provider to focus on business while G+D handles security
• No noticeable loss in app performance for users
• Full life-cycle management – security built into app during implementation and coding

Securing networked machines with SIV

For public sector services, particularly infrastructure, increasing digitization for equipment control and management unfortunately also means an increase in security risk. G+D’s Secure Industrial Visibility (SIV) solution protects equipment and control systems with our stealth mode security solution, delivering top protection without affecting equipment performance. Processes, logistics, environments, users, and end-users will all have to interact intelligently with each other as we move into the Industry 4.0 era.
With SIV, you can make sure that they also interact securely.

• Full protection of control, service, and maintenance systems
• Active machine protection with unique hardware­-based ID (smartcard controller)
• Trusted identification
• Remote diagnostics and monitoring
• Remote maintenance
• Protects IP addresses

• End-to-end encryption via tunnel
• Only normal browser required
• Retrofitting possible
• Full operator control
• Performance management
• Conforms to strictest security requirements for industrial remote maintenance (German Federal Office for Information Security, BSI CS-108)

Employee ID and workplace security

Controlling employee ID and workplace access and processes is absolutely critical to public-sector security. G+D’s StarSign® range of smart ID cards, tokens, middleware, and authentication services is the ideal solution, providing highest security with user-friendliness and is simple to integrate and implement. Major government organizations around the world rely on our StarSign® products to control employee ID, facility access, and work processes.

StarSign® PKI Card

StarSign® PKI Cards (public key infrastructure) are ideal for secure log-in, remote access via VPN, digital signature as well as document and email encryption. When equipped with a contactless interface, the StarSign® PKI Card can be used for physical access, making it the all-in-one security element for any enterprise.

StarSign® FIPS 201 Card

The StarSign® FIPS 201 Card is perfect for accessing IT networks and premises. It complies with rigorous US government personal identification and verification requirements for facilities and information systems (PIV; Federal Information Processing Standards). The cards can also be upgraded with a range of extra G+D security features for even greater protection.

StarSign® Crypto USB Token

The StarSign® Crypto USB Token provides a secure office and IT environment, wherever the user is, with simple plug-and-work functionality. A powerful security tool, it can be used without driver software or administrator rights and leaves no digital footprint after a work session.

The StarSign® Crypto USB token enables corporate IT departments to retain total control over the integrity of proprietary apps and data.

The StarSign® Mobility Token ID1 enables combination with smart cards and can be used as an ID card or chip-based credit card. Included is a slot for inserting ID1-format chip cards so the token can serve as a user-friendly, miniature, driverless card-reader.

Bringing award-winning solutions to the public sector

Every year Juniper Research identifies organizations who have made outstanding contributions to their industry and are in a position to make a significant impact in the future.

Awards for Secure Industrial Visibility and Trusted Application Kit

In 2016, Juniper – Future Digital Awards named G+D Mobile Security’s “Secure Industrial Visibility” solution the "Best Emerging & Disruptive Technology/Platform".

"G+D Mobile Security have unparalleled experience in providing authentication and security solutions for key business processes. Their “Secure Industrial Visibility” solution is both innovative and provides a key tool in a sector where securing critical infrastructure will be fundamental moving forward." (Juniper Research, 2016)

Trusted Application Kit (TAK)
Recognized as "Best in Show" at Payments Summit, USA, hosted by Secure Technology Alliance, 2017

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