Keeping Identities Safe

Complete ID solutions for governments and their citizens

Protecting the public with digital ID

Governments can no longer rely on non-digital ID procedures to fight cybercrime and identity forgery. Whether welfare fraud, infrastructure hacks or terrorist attacks, the consequences of breaches can be expensive and devastating. Digital identification systems offer a much higher level of protection. A worldwide leader in ID systems, G+D has the capability to deliver highly effective cyber identity-control via its subsidiary, Veridos.

More and more governments around the world are now using our ultra-secure plastic ID1 chip card technology and systems to manage citizen identification from registries to authentication. Card production options include holograms, optical-variable ink and ultraviolet printing to make forgery virtually impossible. Our ID management solutions fully integrate into backend systems and we can deliver a full turnkey solution with professional service, including card readers, cryptography, gate technology and servers. G+D, an acknowledged industry leader in mobile security, already supplies mobile driver’s licenses and offers a full range of mobile ID solutions.


Protecting identities

From passports and personal identity cards to complete border control, we have the answers. If you require a security product not in our standard portfolio, our experts can develop a system to meet your requirements.

  • ID documentation and systems – smart cards, mobile solutions and security paper

  • National ID, passports

  • Residence permits, visa

  • Healthcare

  • Multi-application cards

  • Border-control solutions

  • Driver’s license, tachograph, vehicle registration, mobile driver's license

  • State employee ID, employee ID cards for workplace protection

System solutions by G+D

From a simple card reader for a small police station or a complete card & passport management system for a major airport, we deliver solutions that fit the most exacting specifications.

Identification systems

  • Automated biometric identification system (ABIS)

  • Automated border control

  • Card and application management system (CAMS)

  • Card amd passport management

  • National register

  • Passport reader

  • Public key infrastructure (PKI)

Open platform chip card operating system

We offer a multi-application card solution based on Java Card Operating Systems compliant with Global Platform and Java Card specifications.
In addition to our broad range of Java Card applets, third-party applets and customer-developed applications can be added. For Java Card applet development, we offer customers a powerful software development kit (SDK).

Latest technology

Our operating systems are based on the ISO 7819 standard and designed to support multi-application systems and can be deployed in contact-based, contactless, and dual interface solutions.

We also offer Java Card operating systems based on Java Card 3.04 and GlobalPlatform 2.2 or higher. All operating systems support SAC, BAC, EAC, and PACE authentication protocols (ICAO compliant). We also deliver products with a certified, qualified-signature application.

Tailored installations

All modules are engineered to smoothly integrate with the overall system solution.
We tailor each OS implementation and any applications to meet international security standards and certifications.

State Employee ID and workplace security

Controlling state employee ID, workplace access, and processes is absolutely critical to security for government institutions. G+D’s StarSign® range of smart ID cards, tokens, middleware, and authentication services is the ideal solution, providing the highest security with user-friendliness and is simple to integrate and implement. Major government organizations around the world rely on our StarSign® products to control employee ID, facility access, and work processes.

StarSign® PKI Card

StarSign® PKI Cards are ideal for secure log-in, remote access via VPN, digital signature as well as document and email encryption. When equipped with a contactless interface, the StarSign® PKI Card can be used for physical access, making it the all-in-one security element for any enterprise.

StarSign® Mobility Token ID1

The StarSign® Mobility Token ID1 enables combination with smart cards and can be used as an ID card or chip-based credit card. Included is a slot for inserting ID1-format chip cards so the token can serve as a user-friendly, miniature, driverless card-reader.

StarSign® FIPS 201 Card

The StarSign® FIPS 201 Card is perfect for accessing IT networks and premises. It complies with rigorous US government personal identification and verification requirements for facilities and information systems (PIV; Federal Information Processing Standards). The cards can also be upgraded with a range of extra G+D security features for even greater protection.

StarSign® Crypto USB Token

The StarSign® Crypto USB Token provides a secure office and IT environment wherever the user is located with simple plug-and-work functionality. A powerful security tool, it can be used without driver software or administrator rights and leaves no digital footprint after a work session. The USB token enables corporate IT departments to retain total control over the integrity of proprietary apps and data.

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