Smart Card, Safer Patient

Card-based health networks cut costs and improve care

Protecting identities in the healthcare ecosystem

Smart healthcare cards manage patient identity and give practitioners and pharmacists secure access to their medical records. Taking a lock-and-key approach to securing identities, G+D offers two chip cards – one for patients, one for health professionals – and a powerful Card Application Managing System for card issuers to manage them both.

All around the world, costs of healthcare are exploding. Advanced medicines and technology are boosting life expectancy. As people get older, however, they need more frequent and more expensive care, causing the price of insurance to skyrocket. At the same time, patients today see a wider range of doctors and specialists. Their – often redundant – medical records are scattered across different practices.

A number of countries have implemented measures to cut healthcare costs. One of the most basic and vastly successful measures is the introduction of card-based e-health networks. Smart health cards improve communication between practitioners and enhance quality of care. They also streamline administration and reduce fraud.

Enriching card-based, smart chip technology with medical applications and data, G+D Mobile Security has created an interoperable system that gives health insurance providers economic efficiency, usability, and high levels of security and privacy protection.

In one of the largest IT infrastructure projects in the world, insurers in Germany issued over 82 million smart health cards.

Source: Smart Card Alliance, 2013
Card issuers can personalize all dimensions of Patient Data Cards – from applications and design to security layers.
The Health Professional Card (HPC) is issued by the associations of medical practitioners and pharmacists. A certificate, generated in collaboration with a trust center, is stored on the HPC and supports a qualified digital signature.

Patient data securely locked away

In emergencies, smart health cards can be a crucial source of information: they allow first responders and pharmacists to identify a patient and access their medical history, even if the patient is unresponsive.

Patient records when and where they are needed

G+D's Smart Health Cards standardize interactions between patients and health professionals, from identification to medical record access. Only authorized physicians, dentists, and pharmacists can access patient-card data. To do so, they need the right key – their Health Professional Card.

Many issuers also use patient data cards in health promotion projects. Using bonus-scheme applications installed on the smart card chip, they offer incentives to patients who kick bad health habits or successfully complete specific treatments.

Smart health cards by G+D Mobile Security support:

  • E-prescriptions

  • Digital signatures

  • Emergency data and Organ donor ID

  • Cost tracking and bonus schemes

  • Medication history for interaction check

  • Electronic patient file

  • Vaccination and pregnancy records

The key to more trust between doctors and patients

Patient data under lock and key: it takes both the Patient Health Card and the Health Professional Card, to gain access to patient information. Additional layers of security, such as PIN code authorization, are customization options.

Card-controlled access for more patient safety

The Electronic Health Professional Card (HPC) is the key that lets doctors, dentists, and pharmacists access both the data stored on patient health cards and the records in the telematics infrastructure. Certificates installed on the smart photo ID card determine who may access the patient’s data. However, access still requires the patient's express permission. PIN-based authentication, encryption, and digital signature protect the communication between the health professional card and the telematics infrastructure.

Benefits of G+D Smart Health Cards

  • Configure a telematics infrastructure

  • Improve treatment quality

  • Digitize information and save paper

  • Provide a secure multi-application platform

  • Simplify and streamline administration

  • Reduce misuse by participants in the health ecosystem

  • Give access to complete medical records

Managing the complete health card lifecycle

Security is a priority: all applications installed on the STARCOS® ® card operating system comply with the Level EAL4+ standard of the international Common Criteria certification scheme.

100% backend control for card issuers

The Card Application Management System (CAMS) of G+D Mobile Security is a high-performance backend with 24/7 data center availability for issuers of healthcare cards. They use CAMS to manage the lifecycle of their smart cards end­-to­ end – from initial personalization to the return of the card.

Building on a comprehensive and innovative security architecture, the platform features physical components, such as cards, kiosks, card readers, and servers. It also lets you monitor cards usage and update their contents.

The Card Application Management System platform:

  • Comprises the card management system, data preparation, application management, post ­issuance personalization, and key management

  • Is compatible with multiple tenants and cards for a wide range of purposes

  • Allows post-issuance updates of health card applications, as well as installation of new applications

  • Limits access to stored data to authorized holders of a Health Professionals Card

  • Offers secure exchange of information via the latest encryption technologies

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