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Mobile devices as tickets

With more and more travelers relying on flexible, mobile solutions, from smartphones to wearables, operators are expected to move with the times. They can now leverage mobile solutions to address the challenges of the rapidly growing demand for mobility solutions. G+D Mobile Security is at the forefront of developing mobile ticketing for greater passenger and operator convenience, without compromising security.

Increasing urbanization and growing mobility demands are putting transport operators under ever more pressure. Public transport users now expect technology to simplify ticketing, reduce delays, and improve transit communication; most are even willing to pay higher prices for the privilege, according to an Accenture study.


*Source: Boston Consulting Group

Secure Service Management by G+D Mobile Security offers full integration and secure managed services so passengers can use their mobiles as a travel card. The 50 million passengers worldwide using our contactless card ticketing solutions can now rely on G+D secure mobile ticketing solutions, as can all travelers.

Millennials will shape public transport in the US: 95 million millennials will make up the bulk of the country’s workforce by 2025.

American Public Transit Association (APTA)

Why choose a mobile ticketing solution by G+D?

Give your passengers just what they want with G+D secure mobile ticketing.

Benefits of G+D mobile ticket services

We look at the bigger transport picture to deliver complete transport solutions that integrate all parts of the infrastructure to make sure you stay ahead of the game.

  • Secure Service Management for guaranteed high availability, secure managed services, and easy integration

  • Over-the-air (OTA) application provisioning and personalization

  • Scalable, secure mobile ticketing from software-only solutions to tamper-proof hardware-based solutions in trusted environments

  • Verification of customer eligibility

  • OTA ticket and product reloading

  • Integration of customer care interface with operator’s customer help desk

  • MIFARE® , Calypso, CIPURSE™ , and local technologies available as NFC mobile phone applications

  • New and improved mobile services increase passenger choice and convenience, which translates into enhanced consumer appeal

Mobile ticketing by G+D

From contactless cards to SIM-based solutions

We supply contactless cards, mobile solutions such as secure QR codes, and SIM cards with NFC functionalities to securely manage identities on mobile devices. Our SIM-based solutions include secure elements (eSE and SIM), a secure operating system, applets for transit and multi-functionality (e.g. payment). All solutions comply with the strictest security regulations and industry standards. For mobile app security, G+D also offers the Trusted Application Kit (TAK).


Explore the potential of mobile ticketing

As a global leader for identity management services, G+D offers a wide range of secure, flexible, and smart ticketing solutions to simplify travelers’ lives.

MIFARE® mobile solutions

MIFARE® mobile benefits

  • The MIFARE® SIM platform, available in various form factors, enables any city using MIFARE® to easily include a mobile solution without any changes to infrastructure

  • Our MIFARE® mobile solutions allow transit operators, mobile network operators, trusted service managers, and other service providers to securely manage MIFARE® -based services in NFC mobile devices

  • G+D's certifications guarantee the security and interoperability of its MIFARE® mobile portfolio with other service providers

NFC-enabled ticketing

NFC-enabled smartphones are compatible with existing MIFARE® infrastructure, the most extended and widespread in transit, and can be used as smartcard replacements. Passengers can simply tap the smartphone against a MIFARE® reader, the same way they tap a MIFARE® smartcard against a gate reader or payment terminal.

The entire MIFARE® suite is certified

G+D was the first SIM card provider to receive both the product certification from NXP Semiconductors for MIFARE Classic® and from the MIFARE4Mobile Industry Group for MIFARE4Mobile Version 2. With the certification for MIFARE DESFire® EV1, G+D completes the entire MIFARE® suite.

For various form factors and NFC-enabled devices

The MIFARE® portfolio is available in both SIM and eSE form factors for NFC-enabled smartphones and other NFC-enabled devices like wearables or tablets. This opens up a whole new area for MIFARE® applications from ticketing and access control to micropayment. As an active member of MIFARE4Mobile Industry Group, G+D is driving the evolution of MIFARE® technology in mobile devices.

Calypso mobile solution

Calypso for secure and legitimate access

Calypso technology is a contactless international standard designed by major transport operators and has been in use for over 20 years around the world. It is a mandatory functionality for France, Belgium, Israel, Canada, Portugal, and Italy. Calypso technology guarantees that access to information is legitimate and secure.

G+D Mobile Security, a member of the Calypso Networks Association (CNA), offers Calypso products and mobile solutions for these markets.

FeliCa mobile technology

Mobile ticketing for very high passenger throughput

FeliCa is a technology widely deployed across Asia, particularly Hong Kong, Singapore, and especially Japan, where it is the de-facto standard. FeliCa has high-speed capability, which is crucial for transit networks where very high passenger throughput is required.

As well as transit, FeliCa is extensively used for e-money and mobile payment, access management, customer loyalty programs, and event ticketing.

CIPURSE™ mobile solution

To cater for passengers' mobile lifestyles, transit operators need to implement secure, open, and flexible solutions. The CIPURSE™ open standard provides an advanced foundation for developing highly secure, interoperable, and flexible transit fare collection solutions. CIPURSE™ also allows the flexible combination of identity and payment functions in mobile devices or multiple application cards. G+D's CIPURSE™ Mobile solutions, based on Secure Elements, will help transit operators meet current and future challenges. G+D provided the world’s first contactless smart card compliant with the CIPURSE™ open security standard now being used in Brazil. As a founding member of OSPT Alliance, G+D is leading the development of this new, open standard for contactless systems.

Mobile application security is not an option

Mobile app security is paramount today. With the growing number of transit, ticketing, and payment apps now storing valuable data, hackers have begun to aggressively attack mobile devices and the apps on those devices.
To meet the growing demand for higher security for mobile apps, G+D offers the Trusted Application Kit (TAK) for transit operators and other service providers. TAK is a software development kit (SDK) for app developers and an application security framework for mobile operating systems like Android or iOS.

Let G+D take care of your mobile application security and you take care of your business

The solution won a “Best in Show” award recently at the Payments Summit show in Orlando, Florida, hosted by the Secure Technology Alliance. TAK is gaining considerable traction in the areas of mobile transit and financial services.

Trusted Application Kit benefits

  • Provides mechanisms like device binding, jailbreaking, and rooting detection to make apps more secure

  • Compliant with all applicable regulations

  • Provides the best possible security while remaining unobtrusive for end-users

  • Allows confidential data to be stored securely on customer device for greater end-user peace of mind

  • Securely protects exchange of confidential information between app and transit operator server, preventing network sniffing

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