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Urban transit providers are under constant pressure to improve services, often with only limited resources. With G+D Mobile Security’s urban transit solutions, operators can see real improvements quickly but with relatively small outlay.

Safeguarding data privacy, the transit solutions of G+D Mobile Security provide trust while balancing security and convenience.

Independently of the technology behind each solution, G+D's card-based and mobile-ticketing solutions help fulfill data privacy and security requirements. Our scalable security solutions meet the needs of transit operators and passengers, from SW-based app security to tamper-proof security based on HW, e.g. embedded secure elements for mobile ticketing or SIM cards. Profit from our industry-leading tokenization services and from our cooperation with the top three payment schemes – EMV, AMEX, and MasterCard – as well as local schemes, provide the most robust security for credentials on cards and on mobile devices.

With G+D, transport operators can be more customer-centric

  • Turn to technology to provide passengers better, faster, and cheaper ways to get around

  • Seize new opportunities offering your customers the security they need to retain customer satisfaction and loyalty

  • Move forward, not just like an operator for transit, but more like a service provider for travelers to remain relevant and popular among commuters

  • Understand not just ticketing, get insights into the whole mobility ecosystem, from connected cars to app economy

  • Don't tackle with lots of different technologies and high complexity – G+D supports you in picking out the right, future-proof solutions for your needs

  • Ticketing integrated with other applications (payment, loyalty, etc.) offered as one integrated solution

  • Meet changing expectations around mobile convenience

Automatic fare collection and contactless cards

Contactless cards as mass-proven ticketing solution

Every day, around 50 million passengers worldwide use our secure ticketing solutions. Systems for automatic fare collection (AFC) significantly speed up passenger throughput while securing payment. Far more cost-effective and efficient than paper-based systems, our contactless-card solutions for AFC systems are now in use with major transit operators around the world.

Compatible with EMV technology

G+D has the experience and expertise to develop secure ticketing solutions to fit your needs exactly, from technologies such MIFARE® to Calypso and CIPURSE™ . All technologies conform to industry protocols and are compatible with EMV, AMEX, MasterCard, and other major and regional payment schemes.

Benefits of AFC and contactless cards in urban environments

  • Easy to set up for transit operators and integrators

  • Make the whole ticketing offering appealing to the end customers by enabling transit operators to offer top-up services, loyalty, payment, etc. It be used in more than 40 different applications

  • More efficient operations to cope with large crowds

  • Meet the demand regarding capacity, comfort, and safety at the same time

Ticketing in a mobile and connected world

With more and more travelers demanding flexible, safe mobile solutions, operators must move with the times.

Stay ahead of the game with G+D mobile ticketing

G+D Mobile Security is at the forefront of developing mobile ticketing for greater passenger and operator convenience, without compromising security. Our secure services manager platform offers full integration and secure managed services so commuters can use their NFC-enabled mobile as a contactless transport ticket. Their transit pass can be securely stored in a digital way on their mobile phone and easily topped up anytime, anywhere. During any journey, passengers simply tap their mobile device on an NFC reader at the ticket barrier, or when boarding their train or bus.

G+D Mobile Security offers various secure ticketing solutions

  • Mobile solutions like secure QR codes

  • Secure mobile applications

  • Enables secure identity management on mobile devices

  • Trusted Application Kit for app developers and issuers

  • SIM cards with NFC functionalities

Secure identity management

G+D Mobile Security's experience in managing and provisioning identities physically and virtually (e.g. to wearables and smartphones) creates a seamless identity journey. Digital entities are managed through the key management system. Keys will be generated on request for a passenger or a ticket, brought remotely into the mobile device and administered by the key management system during its lifetime. Communication takes place only in an encrypted way. Data and identities or credentials can be created on the go, managed, or even discontinued online or remotely for mobile solutions.

Benefits of mobile ticketing in urban environments

  • Secure Service Management for guaranteed high availability, secure managed services, and easy integration

  • Over-the-air (OTA) application provisioning and personalization

  • Offer the base for secure smartphones and apps to commuters to be guided throughout an entire journey, with a smartphone serving as a personal mobility companion

  • Scalable mobile ticketing security according to customer needs from SW-only to tamper-proof HW-based solutions in trusted environments

Mobility as a service

Convenience at its best

Increasing connectivity is also enabling the fast development of new mobility services. Integrated and on-demand mobility services, Mobility as a Service (MaaS), seek to make it possible for travelers to combine and use diverse transport modes as simply as possible. We enable service bundling adapted to mobile lifestyles of commuters including e.g. event ticketing, car sharing, or parking. We are innovators with early engagement in different technologies suitable for transit purposes.

Protect passenger data and offer a secure mobility experience

While this presents enormous opportunities for improved efficiency and convenience, a major challenge will be ensuring they are available without introducing a significantly higher level of security and privacy-related risks for users of the system.

Security breaches of future transport systems could lead to cyber criminals being able to track passenger and vehicle location, access bank account details (as used to top up smart card balances), and monitor passengers' travelling habits. The ever-growing digitalization now expanding into in the transit sector requires service providers to maintain high security like other industry verticals, such as financial services, already do. G+D sets the basis of trust for MaaS solutions.

Benefits of MaaS in mass transit

  • Public and private transportation as part of a single connected network increases efficiency, provides on-demand availability, accessibility, and affordability

  • This integrated approach is a driver for sustainable cities: avoids congestion, lowers emissions, and improves safety

  • Integrated multimodal transport systems enable door-to-door mobility services, accessible for all users

Looking ahead to efficient urban mobility

Future apps drive co-modal, multi-modal, and inter-modal mobility

Inter-modal and multi-modal mobility services will become a part of day-to-day life. Instead of being fixated on a particular mode of transport, citizens will use the most suitable service for each particular situation or journey. Efficient urban mobility will allow people (and goods) to move using fast, reliable, and affordable transport solutions.

In the future, public transport will remain the backbone of urban mobility. To foster multi-modal behavior, public transport apps will have to integrate all local mobility offers (including payment, routing, timetables, conditions to pass from a personal mode to public transport, etc.). Co-modality will be widely accepted by passengers, who will switch between transport modes depending on their needs: effectiveness (short travel time), affordability (lower cost of traveling), convenience (accessibility and comfort), and availability.

G+D moves passengers faster around the globe

Here are just some of our many transit projects:


Lufthansa, Germany
G+D delivered the very first commercial contactless card worldwide in 1995. MIFARE® 1K for Lufthansa Ticketless Travel Program

North America

  • Washington Metro Area Transit Authority (WMATA), USA
    Multi-year contract to deliver MIFARE Plus® contactless cards for transit

  • Port Authority of New York & New Jersey (PATH), USA
    Multi-year contract for MIFARE DESFire® contactless transit cards

  • Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA), USA
    Multi-year contract with monthly MIFARE Classic® 1K card deliveries

We’ve supplied millions of contactless cards and tickets for transit customers all over the world.

G+D Mobile Security

South America

  • Ferrocarriles Suburbanos, Mexico
    End-to-end smart card solutions for Mexico’s suburban train operator. Services included on-card, monthly marketing campaigns plus technical consultancy in order to improve the security of the card

  • Metro de Medellín, Colombia
    Contract for MIFARE Plus® contactless transit cards and security solution


  • Beijing Public Transit (BMAC), China
    Full transit smart card program for bus, metro, and taxis since 2003 in both ID-card and alternative token formats (Crystal card)

  • Wuhan City, China
    Contract for contactless Crystal Card delivery for Wuhan City All-in-one Card widely used in public transit, such as bus, metro, ferry

  • Queensland Public Transport Department (QLD), Melbourne, Australia
    Contract to deliver MIFARE DESFire® smart cards for transit

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