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The dramatic advances in mobile services, connectivity, and high-speed networks have totally disrupted many industries and created entirely new ecosystems. In the new digital landscape increasingly dominated by IoT, success will depend not only on delivering more and better services but also ensuring comprehensive security. G+D’s end-to-end solutions enable you to do just that.

We understand that enterprises and organizations today have to enhance customer experience, sharpen their offering, and increase profitability while protecting all digital assets. That is why we have developed cost-effective solutions to enable you to work and react quickly, gather business intelligence, and stay safe.

The G+D end-to-end solutions portfolio

Mobile devices security

TAK is G+D's SDK for app developers and an application security framework for mobile operating systems like Android™ or iOS. Ideal for apps that require enhanced security, TAK takes a layered security approach, protecting apps from a range of threat types.

  Discover TAK, G+D's SDK for enhanced app security

Wearables solutions

Wearables technology is transforming the consumer journey. G+D offers wearables solutions for contactless payments, secure authentication, and credential management along with value-added services, such as ticketing, sports events, logical and physical access.

  Explore G+D'S wearables enablement platform

eSIM Management solutions

Businesses need to serve an increasingly connected society while reducing logistical complexity. With G+D’s eSIM management, embedded SIM modules can be completely managed over-the-air, improving operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

  Discover how G+D's eSIM management can improve your operations

Quality of service and analytics

Gain actionable insights into end-customer quality of experience with G+D's lightweight SIM-based analytics solution. Flexible analyses help to identify QoE issues that impact customer churn, to optimize services to retain them, and asses future risks.

  Leverage data to ensure quality of service

Mobile marketing

G+D's Adwise Interactive is an intelligent mobile advertising tool for carriers, media buyers, content providers, and brands. It gives you full control over media enabling conversion or response rates vastly more effective than traditional channels.

  Find out how to significantly increase advertising revenues

Fraud and identity management

Checking customer IDs these days is a real problem – not only for you but for your new customers too. G+D fraud and identity management solutions address all industries and cover numerous use cases, including payment.

  Learn how to minimize ID and SIM fraud simply, quickly, and highly effectively

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