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eSIMs pave the way for new potential benefits

eSIM is now!

The need for flexible, global connectivity is growing

Businesses must remain agile to succeed in both a shifting marketplace and an increasingly connected society. Reducing logistical complexity in favor of more flexibility requires innovative approaches. This is where eSIM comes in.

eSIMs by G+D offer a range of benefits:

First, there’s no physical SIM card insertion, meaning there’s no trouble with SIM form factors. With eSIMs, customers no longer need to find a physical card to support connected activities.

eSIMs offer a fully digital process, faster connectivity, and more innovative devices like smartwatches or waterproof phones. Moreover, eSIMs give users full control over the connectivity of their devices.

eSIM Management by G+D Mobile Security allows you to remotely download SIM profiles over-the-air. This eases everything, from the SIM provisioning process to the selection of the mobile operator. It simplifies changing SIM profiles during the lifetime of the device and transferring an existing profile to a new device. This increased flexibility enhances the control of connectivity, reduces logistic costs, and eases processes in a growing number of use cases.

Application areas

As the Internet of Things grows at an exponential rate, connectivity is an issue that is increasingly affecting almost every market sector.


eSIMs help provide flexible and manageable connectivity, which eases all sorts of logistical issues in the car production process

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Device makers

eSIMs offer a vastly improved customer experience: There is no need for SIM slots, the smaller device size leaves more space for battery, storage, etc.c, and logistical processes are fewer and easier.

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Mobile operators

eSIMs allow for consumer device enablement and the provisioning of a fully digital journey for the mobile subscriber

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eSIMs enable customer centricity

G+D's full service solution allows for both a flexible and dynamic user journey. It includes SIM, device software, platform, service, management, and partners and lets you leverage existing business infrastructure and processes. We even provide active drivers for a dynamic connectivity management through our range of eSIM management solutions.

Cutting-edge expertise in eSIM management

At G+D, we are at the forefront of design innovation. Pioneers of standardization, our upcoming releases include RSP phase 3 and GSMA V3.2. We’re also actively driving the GSMA process, rolling out a specification upgrade and offering a range of additional features on top of the GSMA specified ones. This means we’re experts in our fields.

eSIM Management enables a new business model

We appreciate concerns that investment in eSIM Management solutions can be rather high, or that integration costs in the customer's backend processes may be challenging, but there our solutions. Work with us and we’ll explain how BSS/OSS integration products can simplify and even speed up the integration efforts and how initial investments will pay off due to reduced logistical and process costs later on. We can even show you the new, revenue-generating business model that is only possible now due to eSIM Management.


  • Scalability
    The product can be easily adapted to the increasing number of subscriptions to be managed

  • Security
    Because there is no physical card, it affords a very high level of security

  • Interoperability
    Our eSIMs have been tested with multiple players and are GSMA compliant

  • Reliability
    eSIMs offer great performance and are commercially proven to be reliable, robust products

  • Adaptable
    eSIM offers a great experience due to its compatibility with many different commercial systems

  • Proven record
    We’ve already installed more than 10m commercial eSIMs

eSIM Management integrates G+D modules and third-party solutions

Processes such as MDM, Mobile Marketing, BSS integration, and QoS are all viable, and we even offer customer-specific adaptations, including:

  • Use of the latest security systems, such as PKI infrastructure

  • Fully end-to-end encryption

  • GSMA and SAS approved managed service environment and products

  • GSMA standardization, defining future security and service environments

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