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Interactive mobile advertising – your gateway to more advertising revenue

High mobile advertising revenue, no capital risk

Media buyers, brands, and content providers are looking for media that yields better conversion rates – media that is more personable, intuitive to use, and interactive in both push and pull mode. G+D solutions give you full control over media in the mobile marketing channel enabling conversion or response rates ten times more effective than traditional channels.

Lack of consistent, interactive, and available communication channels can hamper a mobile marketing campaign, and many businesses are failing to make use of proper strategies. Agencies and carriers continue to struggle with conversion rates below 1% and with meeting client expectations for more engaging and richer media. Media sellers and carriers are seeking inventories that increase eCPM and create new advertising revenue to overcome declines in traditional lines of revenue, such as value-added services, carrier billing, or SMS bulk.

Adwise Interactive by G+D Mobile Security increases mobile engagement and can effectively monetize your customer base.

4 upsides to G+D's mobile marketing approach you don't want to miss

+ Access to 100% of devices in the market
+ Interactive and event-awareness campaigns
+ Flexible or tailored deployment offerings based on customer needs
+ Leveraging the SIM card to engage with end customers

We ensure maximized reach and conversion from day 1. The results speak for themselves with in excess of 1 million USD revenue per month quickly achieved.

G+D Mobile Security

Opportunities by the numbers

At G+D, we strive for one goal only – to increase mobile advertising revenue for carriers and clients by at least 30%, increase opt-in and user acquisition.

Enjoy a CPA increase of 100% in 6 months

We deliver new performance-based advertising revenue, such as CPA, but also traditional payout models, such as CPM, CPL, CPC, and CPI.

Mobile phone users have their phone within arm’s reach 14 hours per day. The average person looks at their phone 150 times per day.
48% never turn their phones off. 22% of UK users employ ad-blockers to stop web-based advertisements.
90 seconds is the average response time for SMS vs 2 days for email. And they boast immensely better URL click-through rates compared to email.
75% of people prefer receiving ads via SMS. SMS coupons are 10 times more likely to be redeemed: 26% via SMS vs. 2.7% via email.

Adwise Interactive is engaging and 100% on target

Adwise Interactive stands for personable and engaging media that does not miss a beat. Join us in our mission to provide better and richer user engagement.


We create and provide new mobile media that is interactive in both push and pull form. More personable and delivering better engagement, this media can reach 100% of active users, no matter the type of SIM, feature, or smartphone, resulting in a 10–14x increased conversion rate and 5x eCPM.


We deliver proven new advertising revenues, from selling inventory to clients such as media buyers, content providers, and brands, in a performance-based model. Our solution significantly increases revenues from carrier billing and from recruiting more users.


We buy and sell inventories, and centralize campaign control and billing management. Our clients are sales and operational experts. Our network allows us to mobilize them quickly, anywhere in the world, to ensure they are ready to work with our media.


The business intelligence from our tracking and reporting dashboard ensures campaigns are intelligently targeted, inventory allocation is optimized, and revenue is maximized. We are well-versed in ensuring local regulations governing contact policies with users are adhered to at all times.

Adwise Interactive is a full service solution

  • Service management
    Our services give you three strong pillars: a server platform designed to accurately target groups; campaign scenarios that help you plan, schedule, and deliver campaigns; and strong analytics tools to let you measure efficiency.

  • Content
    We can also act as your content partner, working with you to build your campaigns.

  • Consulting services
    We offer best-practice consulting services. G+D Mobile Security´s content and expert partners help you craft more efficient, effective, and lucrative campaigns.

Benefits for mobile operators

Engage and monetize

You can start up a dialogue with your customer, conduct surveys to improve services, offer tailored information or promotional services, or even sell more services.


You can offer targeted mobile marketing solutions, based on real-time events such as call-terminated and location-based services.

100% reach

SIM-based solutions are always seen by the user, and as our solution is compatible with all handset types (feature phone and smartphones, including wearables and tablets) you can be sure of 100% reach.

Privacy control and permission

Marketing Performant data collection based on clear opt-in and opt-out. Increase confidence in your brand and campaign response rate with permission marketing.

Superior ROI

Our solution enables you to send the right message, at the right moment, in the right place, to the right person.

Increase revenue

Monetize your database by selling it to brands or third parties.

Benefits for consumers

Permission and privacy control

Always relevant and non-intrusive messages

User-friendly experience

Interaction in just one click, simple interface for quick dialogs

Non-intrusive and seamless

Using triggers, such as call terminated or idle screen, offers a positive customer-centric experience without spamming.


Right message, right moment, right place, right person

Ease of use

Subscription and enrolment to new services is now as simple as one click.

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