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G+D iQ™ is a lightweight mobile handset/SIM-based analytics solution enabling telecom operators to gain essential insights into their subscribers’ experience of voice, data, and network services.

Generating new revenues by understanding quality

Using QoS metrics, combined with business parameters, we help identify QoE issues that impact customer churn and actively work to help reduce them – even predicting future risks. Utilzing data metrics coming from the client-side, visibility is provided on roaming quality, previously difficult to get, supporting improvement of roaming partnerships and faster resolution of identified problems.

For MVNOs, the solution provides a level of visibility to coverage and quality being experienced by customers, supporting SLA verification towards their network providing MNO. In supporting B2B relationships, G+D iQ™ provides real-time data on the experience of enterprise customers, supporting faster problem resolution, proactivity, and improved B2B relationship management

The solution is designed to evolve as the MNO’s offerings and requirements do, combining new data sources, introducing enhanced analytics, custom report/KPI measurement, and providing new and powerful insights. G+D iQ™ is central in providing a powerful offering in relation to IoT and M2M quality and service management.

G+D iQ™

Supporting network management and providing visibility on end-customer quality experience will be essential tools for telecom operators to addresses the problem of customer satisfaction and churn.

G+D iQ™ does this in three steps:

1. Acquiring real-time data, usage, and performance data

This data from handset, SIM, network probes, and/or core infrastructure is further enhanced when combined with additional reference data from CRM, billing, and subscription systems.

2. Analyzing incoming data metrics

These insights give a real-time view of the customer experience when using the network and services, both in the home network and when roaming; utilizing the concept of Customer Experience Index (CEI), to support comparative and historical analytics on customer satisfaction.

3. Applying analytics for predictive, proactive recommendations

Analytics help identify areas with coverage or performance problems, highlighting the impact on customers and their value. G+D IQ™ makes recommendations on prioritization of resolution, and identifies service usage and opportunities.

G+D iQ™ offers a range of benefits for the whole value chain

  • Designed for scalability – from thousands to tens of millions of reporting devices with little

  • Proven return on investment with clear value propositions, revenue opportunities, and cost savings.

  • Real-time end-to-end customer view for understanding of real service usage.

  • Incorporate multiple data-sources, from device and SIM to probes, OSS, CRM systems, and more.

  • Built with new solutions, like IoT & M2M, in mind.

  • Built to evolve with more data points, new information types, and new use cases.

  • Real-time advanced analytics to provide insights, identify problems, prioritize improvements, and make predictions.

  • Quicker time to market with clear use-cases and clear value propositions.


Learn more about Quality of Service and Analytics

Our customer experience solution is an advanced data analytics system, which provides a suite of tools to offer a real time view of the service being offered and the real customer experiences.

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