Enabling Wearables

Meet the wearables enablement platform that radically increases speed-to-market

Wearable devices with added peace of mind

The growing market for wearable technology is transforming the consumer journey. Added functionality, such as mobile payments, access, and remote health checks, are in demand. An experienced partner like G+D supports you in providing these services with secure credential management throughout device lifecycles. G+D drives our wearables solutions with our enablement platform and full range of passive and active products.

Connected, enabled wearables of all sorts are in great demand worldwide. From payment to transit to access, watches, wristbands, even glasses and rings are expected to deliver. For a successful launch, the industry faces market challenges that G+D can help overcome – devices saturating the market with little differentiation when it comes to functionality, and expensive and rather complex deployment. G+D is committed to overcoming these market obstacles so you can optimize revenues and reduce time to market.
The G+D powered wearables enablement platform radically increases speed-to-market, while reducing the cost and complexity of market entrance and growth by providing a primary connection point to banks, transit authorities, venues, and other service providers. G+D’s robust backend services hide complex integrations with a multitude of providers, while a thin API and SDK simplifies implementation. Our offering harnesses our extensive experience in payment security, eSIM, and credential management.

Wearables will become the foundation for convenient payments, security, authentication, and trust!

Gabrielle Bugat, Head of Financial Institutions, G+D Mobile Security

Wearable solutions by G+D

G+D’s wearable solutions assist you in transforming your customer’s payment, access, ticketing, transportation, and engagement experience. Download this flowchart to find out why G+D wearable solutions are the right choice for your business!

End users expect easy, secure, and convenient

Connected wearables: endless opportunity

The use cases supported by wearables seem to be multiplying as technology and consumer demand merge. Wearables can take on numerous form factors: watches, bands, clothing, glasses, rings. And for us, they provide easy, convenient access to both our digital and physical worlds:

• Secure authentication and online log-ins – two factor authentication
• Transaction signing
• Connectivity services for mobile plans and subscriptions
• Panic button
• Physical access at work and at home
• Replace car keys
• Personal property anti-theft solutions

G+D Mobile Security has end-to-end solutions that support all aspects of the wearables value chain to include original equipment manufacturers, financial institutions, transit agencies, and mobile network operators. G+D offers a one-stop shop for wearables with our proven wearables enablement platform.

With established relationships, pre-certified components, and standards compliance, G+D can fast-track your wearables deployment for virtually any use case with unmatched security, functionality, and speed-to-market – to ensure your wearables program successfully leads the market.

Pre-conditions for mobile applications to work properly and witness mainstream popularity:

  • Familiar and trustworthy – customer journey addressing digital lifestyle, best user experience

  • Peace of mind – security of personal information and business data is assured

  • Private stays private – comprehensive protection from malware, hackers, WiFi attacks, and other cyber threats

  • Convenience – in-store, in-app, and online transactions, multimodal transit options, easy to use

Wearables enablement platform

Get a comprehensive end-to-end solution

Secure consumer mobility can only be delivered in conjunction with comprehensive identity management throughout device lifecycles. G+D provides you with a comprehensive end-to-end solution that includes devices, services and platforms for diverse verticals. We partner with industry leaders – including OEMs – to enable fully integrated and market-ready use cases. G+D’s wearables solutions meet industry and consumer demands: contactless payments, secure authentication, and credential management along with value-add services, such as ticketing, sports events, logical and physical access.

Features: wearables enablement platform

• Single Point of Integration
• Lifecycle Management of Security Domains on eSE
• Lifecycle Management of Service Provider Applets on eSE
• Token Requestor and Token Lifecycle Management
- Ease of integration via Webviews, API, SDK

• Certified Components Day 1
- EMVCo. Certified Data Center
- EMVCo. Certified eSE/eOS
- Payment Applets
- PCI Certified Token Requestor
- EMVCo. Certified Token Provisioning TSM

G+D’s secure architecture

  • PCI Security Standards Council® Level 1 Compliance enables millions of transactions

  • GlobalPlatform® Compliance guarantees interoperability

  • End-to-end encryption safeguards sensitive personal identifiable information

  • A Secure Element completes the trusted environment

Active devices

Improve adoption and retention with value-added services

Consumers have come to expect connectivity on the go. Mobile devices play an important role in our lives. We rely on mobile services for our payments, transport, access, and storage. And we assume those services are secure – that our data is protected throughout the lifecycle of our mobile devices. We’re accustomed to the ubiquitous mobile phone, and we’re now seeing opportunities to extend our connectivity through connected wearables.
Active devices, like smart wearables, carry digital identities via embedded secure elements, which provide both hardware, and software-based security to protect us, no matter where we roam. Over-the-air credential management enables wearable devices to be configured to address multiple use cases within a single device – thereby safeguarding user experiences, which, for service providers and OEMs, improves both consumer adoption and stickiness.

The seamless connection between the smart wearable and the consumer’s mobile phone enables consumers to open and check their bank accounts, transfer money, and conduct other account management services completely over the air. Many wearables also provide biometric data, making it, among other things, possible to distinguish between the rightful wearer and someone who is simply wearing the device. Furthermore, a number of smart wearables are shipped with embedded SIMs, which can be activated from a smartphone allowing autonomous connectivity.

Passive devices

Security and seamless connections

Value-added functionality, like secure payments via wearables, keeps your brand top-of-mind among consumers – you are literally a flick of the wrist away. G+D wearable offerings undergo constant evolution, with additional functionality included to provide support for new use cases.
For financial institutions, frequent security enhancements ensure payment transactions and financial institution/identity credentials remain protected against threats.

Wearables enabled with a G+D smart card chip work with all major payment schemes and safeguard secure payment for virtually any combination of consumer payment preferences.

Join the payment revolution

Passive wearables represent the future of payment technology. These go-to devices utilize G+D’s EMV technology to safeguard the tokenize payment channel end-to-end. The established connection ensures the speed and reliability of your payment transaction.

G+D’s passive wearable device provides the convenience and security you need, hassle free. What does this mean for you and your customers? A breath of fresh air in the midst of everyday turbulence.

When it comes to wearables, the possibilities are endless. Whether it’s for the daily commute, running errands, or the concert of a lifetime, our wristband has you covered. We’re making convenience convenient.

Features of G+D’s passive wristband

Effective uses

• Complementary payment device – in addition to cards and mobile payments on financial accounts
• Can be configured as a prepaid, postpaid, or gift card

Co-branding opportunities

• Financial and retail industries
• Transit, access
• Sporting events, teams, leagues
• Events

Technical features

• Operating system: Java™ platform
• MIFARE® ® functionality, 1K memory
• No battery

Material features

• Meets worldwide health and safety requirements
• Food-grade silica gel
• Waterproof


We draw on our long experience of mobile security to offer you an end-to-end solution and harness the power of our secure, certified infrastructure to safeguard tokenization. We provide fully secure hardware, OTA communication channels, and lifecycle management for remotely connected devices with a security level and expertise unavailable from the device or service providers. Advantages of the G+D functionality implementation support for wearables are the seamless integration, secure transactions and data, and compliance to global standards.

Samsung Gear S3 partnership

Recently Samsung partnered with G+D Mobile Security for the launch of the Gear S3. US customers of T-Mobile and AT&T received a high-end smartwatch allowing out-of-the-box connectivity, and a designed embedded SIM module. This project is a significant milestone in G+D Mobile Security’s consumer eSIM strategy, demonstrating eSIM management market leadership. It also further strengthens the relationship with Samsung as the leading smartphone vendor globally.

STMicroelectronics, G+D Mobile Security, and FitPay join forces

The companies have created the first secure hardware and software product for use by device manufacturers aiming to develop integrated payments with Mastercard or Visa. The goal is to break down barriers to implementing card payments on mobile devices, and enable wearable device OEMs to concentrate on product development. This product gives consumers the flexibility to load multiple payment cards from various banks and from different payment networks onto a wearable device, making contactless payments independent of the end-device's operating system.

Wearable devices are transforming the payment experience, and FitPay, STMicroelectronics, and G+D Mobile Security are making it easier to develop payment-enabled wearables.

Michael Orlando, CEO of FitPay

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EMV technology

G+D’s implementation of today’s EMV standards not only reduces card fraud, but also secures new revenue streams for Financial Institutions with contactless and mobile payments.

Payment cards: complete convenience for card issuers

We manage your customers' identities on innovative cards that make you stand out. G+D's card offerings include unique designs, state-of-the-art security solutions, and comprehensive services.