Unleash Your Data Revenue

Device management offers unmatched customer experience and new revenue streams

Unlock your subscribers' potential

Poor data connection, unknown devices capabilities, and non-identified devices account for a loss of some 50% in potential profits. In the context of 5G and LTE, mobile operators need to reduce their total cost of ownership and address the challenges of the Internet of Things with a rapidly growing number of connected devices. G+D Mobile Device Management helps carriers to control network investment and reduce customer care cost by up to 60%.

Grow data income

LTE and 5G are cornerstone of operators investments strategies. In addition to management of billion of IoT devices, quality of experience is key as more and more subscribers adopt LTE and increase their data usage. The operator challenge is to retain customers with a good data network and quality of service. To grow data revenue and reduce churn, mobile operators must ensure new LTE or IoT devices are enabled on the network and customers benefit from a smooth data usage experience.

G+D Mobile Device Management is a complete-lifecycle offering

Intelligent Quality Analytics

G+D Mobile Device Management (MDM) gives operators a clear view of their installed device base. It lets you build targeted customer lists for more effective marketing campaigns and to maximize VAS. Intelligent Quality Analytics create opportunities to adjust strategies based on reliable customer experience data.

Expand your range

Always know what device each subscriber is using in a world where handset turn around is large. G+D offers a best-in-class device repository with a 99% recognition rate.

Enjoy higher profits

Using the comprehensive MDM by G+D, operators have generated, for example, 12% data revenue increase, 10% data volume increase and 9% data subscriber increase.

Promote and manage

MDM data insights can be leveraged in a wide range of use cases, including:
+ mobile marketing
+ eSIM or device activation
+ roaming
+ M2M management
+ SIM over-the-air campaigns
+ value-added services promotions

Identify and connect

Automatic Device Detection and Configuration (ADC and ADD) allow operators to detect and configure all devices on the network with the operators settings automatically, remotely and in real time.


MDM reduces complexity and simplifies handling. As a result, it reduces customer center calls and cost.


The G+D solution to mobile device management provides mobile operators with an easy-to-handle platform for configuring device for data usage, application and firmware management as well as security management for high-standard security.


Benefits for mobile operators

  • Grow data usage and revenue

  • Optimize network investment and accelerate LTE return on investment

  • Generate revenue from targeted offers based on subscribers behaviors, and handsets characteristics

  • Improve quality of experience with in-depth understanding of user behavior patterns

  • Reduce customer care calls costs by 60%

  • Reduce churn with better retention and subscriber satisfaction

Benefits for subscribers

+ Smooth and convenient activation or transition to a new device

+ Instant connectivity including M2M devices

+ Increased satisfaction with personalized data-focused offers

Why choose G+D MDM?

  • Robust and scalable solution with 60+ platforms deployed worldwide managing over 1 billion devices

  • Rich and frequently-updated device library including device vendors as well as IoT and M2M devices

  • Targeted and personalized campaign and offers generated in real-time with G+D Adwise Interactive

  • Integrated management of M2M and IoT devices, such as connected car, wearables, tablets, etc.

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Over-the-air solutions

The future-proof Connectivity Service Network by G+D Mobile Security offers a complete set of over-the-air solutions for secure, reliable SIM card management across the entire SIM lifecycle.

Managed services

Managed services by G+D enable enterprises and mobile network operators to deliver quality products while freeing up internal resources and considerably cutting costs.