Future-Proof Connectivity

The G+D Connectivity Service Network simplifies managing billions of devices

Manage billions of devices with real-time scalability

Whatever your strategy as an MNO, flexibility in the face of a rapidly growing number and diversity of devices, and the complexity that creates, is essential for future competitiveness in an IoT-enabled world. G+D offers the proven and future-proof connectivity service management platform MNOs need to scale rapidly in this context, without interrupting customer service access.

Market requirements dictate the use of Network functions and software-defined virtualization to create the reliable building blocks for delivering communications services. The need to launch new services on any network quickly in order to gain or maintain competitive advantage is also crucial. It will become even more so when 5G networks come online in 2018/19.

Mission critical OTA software requirements

New use cases such as those enabled by connected cars and other IoT devices, or mobile marketing opportunities, require fast responses and a seamless user experience to drive differentiation and service uptake.

This needs to be enabled at the scale of billions of devices. To support such a huge digital ecosystem, MNOs need a SIM and device management platform that is versatile and scalable enough to cope with current and future IoT requirements. G+D provides it.

The G+D Connectivity Service Network

The G+D platform also acts as the perfect launch pad for innovative services that drive differentiation. In addition to the mission critical system requirements demanded by the growing Internet of Things, MNOs are being driven towards "over-the-air" (OTA) solutions by a number of factors.

The Connectivity Service Network in a nutshell

  • Protection against hardware failure
    The CSN platform supports automatic failover in the unlikely event of a hardware outage.

  • Automatic traffic failover
    The platform supports more than one active instance processing for all services, with automatic traiffic failover if one instance stops processing traffic for any reason.

  • Rolling upgrades
    Maintenace can be completed with zero impact on connectivity for customers because different software instances can run in different versions while upgrades occur.

  • Horizontal and automatic scalability
    Active instances can be added and resource utilization can be automatically adapted based on traffic load, without affecting service for users.

Key benefits of the G+D CSN

Benefits of G+D OTA solutions for MNOs

  • A complete set of OTA solutions for secure and reliable SIM card management across the entire SIM lifecycle.

  • High security on 3G, 4G and 5G networks.

  • Ultra-high service availability with active-active architecture, with zero downtime even during upgrades.

  • Support for deployment of multiple new revenue generating services.

  • Real-time, horizontal scalability for adding the capacity needed to manage billions of devices, with no service impact.

  • Proven on more than 200 networks.

Benefits of G+D OTA solutions for device end users

  • Faster access to content and applications

  • Seamless onboarding to new services

  • Always-on, trustworthy service access, even during upgrades.

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