A solution that meets the EU's roam-like-home regulations

Unlock new business opportunities for roaming steering

As volumes grow and regulations reshape the mobile-networks landscape, operators see prices fall and margins dwindle. At the same time, with technologies like LTE, M2M, and the rise of the Internet of Things creating new opportunities, operators rethink business models to tap into fresh revenue streams. G+D iQ™ and G+D's roaming solutions can help operators tackle the challenges ahead.

The "roam like home" challenge

The roam-like-home policy will increase the volume of data and voice traffic on roaming networks. With pressure on capacities rising, the quality of service consumers' experience will be a key factor in deciding which roaming logic to apply.

A roaming solution compliant with EU regulations

Flexible roaming steering logic helps operators maximize roaming margins without compromising subscriber experiences or problems with coverage, such as latency or throughput, lead to frustration and result in an increase of churn.

G+D reassures operators that their roaming subscribers are continuously connected to a preferred available network without outages in network access. Through real-time traffic steering, operators can maximize profitability, regardless of the network type (LTE, 3G or 2G).

Meet the G+D roaming solutions portfolio

With its roaming offering and G+D IQ™, G+D delivers a versatile and compelling solution to meeting the challenges of the new EU “roam like home” regulations. The solution enables operators to minimize the risks linked to zero-charges regulation by offering better roaming efficiency and analytical tools to capture permanent roamers. Operators can identify, measure, and react in real time and take the indicated appropriate actions based on their business objectives.

From steering of roaming to VIP roaming and roaming analytics, our continued innovation in roaming is the key to your success.

LTE roaming

Mobile operators are adopting LTE at a rapid pace. Deploying LTE roaming, however, is an expensive, time-consuming effort. G+D solutions enable fast and cost-effective LTE roaming across hybrid environments. They develop and grow LTE roaming revenue opportunities and enhance the customer’s roaming experience.

Hybrid™ steering

The combination of SS7 and OTA steering provides real-time and effective traffic steering to ensure maximum successful redirection of traffic, avoid anti-steering issues, and improve end-user experiences.

VIP roaming

Offer a premium service to premium customers and ensure quality of service to avoid churn.

Roaming analytics

Leverage your customer insight to maximize contextual engagement with G+D IQ™.

Why choose G+D roaming solutions

  • Simple and seamless integration with network elements

  • The device-aware G+D platform adapts the steering policy according to the device type in real time

  • Compliant with regulation and operators' business logic

  • Enhancing steering efficiency, the roaming platform uses over-the-air messages to update PLMN lists and LTE files in the SIM

  • Fast time-to-market

Benefits for mobile operators

Improves customer satisfaction with flawless end-user experience

The G+D roaming platform enables smooth and immediate network access along with a "roam like home" experience.

Maximizes operator revenue and profitability

G+D's efficient real-time steering solution eases inter-operator tariff negotiations. In doing so, it contributes to roaming profitability, especially in a context of zero-charge roaming.

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