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Give your customers the smartest and safest payment experiences

The payment ecosystem for mobile-first players

The world of financial services is evolving ever faster, bringing both threats and great opportunities. Regulatory changes allow new arrivals on the scene, such as mobile-first players, to offer attractive new products and services. Stay competitive with the smartest and safest consumer solutions out there. Protect and enhance your brand by optimizing the omni-channel and especially the mobile-user experience, and offering constant engagement.

A future-proof solution that cuts down on complexity

Consumers now expect to be able to pay via mobile or other devices anywhere, anytime – and with the highest level of security. Fulfilling such expectations is complex and fraught with technical and security challenges.
Convego® Hub is G+D's answer to these challenges. It connects you to a single platform, where we connect you to a multitute of channels and mobile as well as digital payment applications. The trusted mobile hub is a fully integrated, certified solution with fast time-to-market.

Offer attractive tailored services from you and from your partners

Tailored offerings increase brand loyalty, allowing you to introduce new revenue-generating services and compete with challengers.
Ensuring a seamless and secure identity journey is crucial. G+D Mobile Security is an acknowledged industry leader in managing and provisioning identities, both physically and virtually. From onboarding, provisioning to daily use, and account termination, our advanced fraud management ensures the highest security standards.

Tapio Vailahti, regional head of Global Solution Sales, Financial Institutions, G+D Mobile Security, demonstrates the ease of use of payment transactions with Convego® CloudPay.

Convego® Hub – scalable, flexible, and highly secure

Unique choice of full tokenization services

G+D’s Convego® Hub is a complete solution that supports an issuer's own (HCE) wallet and works seamlessly with any payments scheme and with any OEM mobile technology, for instance Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Android® Pay. It is the only available solution that provides such services with full tokenization by requesting tokens and managing their lifecycle. Thanks to cooperation between G+D Mobile Security and Visa and MasterCard, our trusted mobile payment hub features unique readiness to fully support their tokenization services.

One hub, four powerful applications

The hub comprises Convego® CloudPay, Convego® Service Broker, Convego® Wallet and Convego® AppWorld.

Convego® CloudPay

The leading Issuer HCE wallet solution today

Convego® CloudPay is a proven, scalable digital payments platform with millions of users. It provides an end-to-end solution for lifecycle management of tokenized payment cards and secure provisioning of full credentials within seconds. With Convego® CloudPay already integrated to global and regional token service providers (TSP), issuers enjoy fast time-to-market with minimum effort. The solution, consisting of CloudPay Server and CloudPay SDK, acts as an on-behalf token requestor for issuer HCE wallets and 3rd-party HCE wallets. It is compatible with most widely-used device models.

Convego® CloudPay offers seamless lifecycle management, universally certified security, and a unified user-experience for mobile payments across all schemes.

  • Issuer HCE solution with CloudPay Server and CloudPay Client Library

  • Integrated to Visa VTS and Mastercard MDES as token-requestor

  • Available as a managed service or software license, as a standalone or in combination with the Convego® Service Broker

Convego® Service Broker

Manage requested and deployed tokens

With a fast time-to-market, Convego® Service Broker allows you to interface with token service providers to manage the primary card and associated tokens throughout their lifetime.

It also allows you to quickly develop and provide your own branded mobile wallets, as well as enabling consumers to use other wallets.

All wallets made easy

Convego® Service Broker is integrated with leading TSP with leading TSPs including MasterCard MDES and Visa VTS.

Easy integration with:

  • Issuer HCE Wallet and virtually any mobile wallet, including 3rd-party OEM wallets, Issuer HCE Wallet, IoT, and Wearable wallets

  • Apple Pay

  • Samsung Pay

  • Android® Pay

Convego® AppWorld

The smart wallet at the core of your payment ecosystem

Convego® AppWorld is a customizable smart-wallet solution that allows you to dynamically create and manage services and push them to users – the perfect way to engage consumers and position your brand in the digital age. You can access and control all your digital services from one intuitive app.

Convego® AppWorld facilitates a bank-exclusive mobile ecosystem thanks to its dynamic platform capabilities and a Software Developers Kit (SDK). The SDK allows 3rd-party developers to independently create their mobile service as a widget that is then installed to the AppWorld wallet.

What Convego® AppWorld can do for you:

  • provide for dynamic addition of new mobile services

  • enable issuer to create their own mobile ecosystem

  • enable issuer to utilize innovation power and integrate with other partners, such as retailers

  • enables virtually any VAS based on, for example, QR, BLE, bar code, online, and SMS

Convego® Wallet

Convego® Wallet is a simplified wallet solution for HCE mobile payment and an excellent way to increase customer awareness.

The G+D wallet allows issuers to give consumers an enriched and easy digital-payment experience: it lets users manage their digital identities, personalize their mobile wallet, and store much more than payment cards.

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