Leverage Dynamic SIM Menus

Boost your value-added service content and make your brand stick

Enhance loyalty with value-added service content

Offering easy access to attractive value-added services is a smart way to retain subscribers and increase revenues. Encourage SIM menu usage with targeted campaigns with G+D mobile advertising solutions: our range of value-added service solutions helps you provide optimized content to your customers.

Value-Added Services, the SIM menu portal by G+D

Overcome barriers to the widespread use of value-added data offerings using configurable menus in the handset. There’s no need to start a browser session, remember short codes, or connect to services via a portal. Your customers will be attracted to new services and have the tools to personalize them accordingly.

The G+D Value-Added Services platform in a nutshell

  • An end-to-end solution that help you leverage SIM menus to improve your performance

  • Offers subscribers a user-friendly way to access and navigate their rich, customized content

  • Boosts service usage and return on investment while reducing your total cost of ownership

  • Uses a real-time interactive one-click interface to ensure a superior end-user experience

  • Instantaneously refreshes dynamic content to retain user interest and gain loyalty

  • Lets users reorganize services to reflect their personal preferences

  • Allows you to promote VAS Services via well-targeted campaigns to increase adoption and usage

What G+D Mobile Security can do for you

Offer the right content at the right time

  • Easy to access and implement SIM Menu portal

  • Offers a real-time interactive experience

  • Works on all handsets

  • Interactive design with dynamic services instantly updated

  • Increase quality of experience of subscribers

  • Grow average revenue per user with geo-localized services and multilingual support

Stand out from the crowd

When mobile phone users have their device within arm’s reach 14 hours per day and look at it 150 times, a unique opportunity emerges to differentiate your offering. Harness this unprecedented reach with value-added services from G+D Mobile Security that give you the ability to supply rich, personalized content – coupled with real-time billing – that retains subscribers and increases profits.

Turbo charge your SIM service portals

G+D Mobile Security turns consumers’ mobile devices into CRM tools and revenue-generators. We help you take full advantage of your SIM menu to improve performance – bringing rich and personalized content to mobile users smoothly and seamlessly. This will not only boost service usage but also reduce your total cost of ownership.

Fresh and attractive services

Offer your customers attractive services and gain loyalty with instantaneously refreshed dynamic content. Reorganize your services according to user preferences and promote your VAS through well-targeted marketing campaigns that increase adoption and usage across your entire customer base. Offer a user-friendly way to access and navigate customized content with real-time, one-click interfaces.

The right content at the right time

Offer your subscribers the right content, at the right time and location. Our solution gives you easy-access and the easy-to-implement SIM menu portal creates a real-time interactive experience across handsets. The dynamic services are instantly updated so you can improve subscriber quality of experience and increase ARPU with geo-localized services and multilingual support.

Benefits for end users

Mobile subscribers want simplicity in their connected lives and a single-entry point to a world of services means just that: easy navigation within an intuitive SIM portal menu and carefully controlled promotion at the right time – regardless of handset. Relevant promotions are developed in line with users’ preferences and can be handled by G+D Mobile Security as a managed service – leaving you to concentrate on your core business.

  • Rich and updated content
    Variety of content accessible on demand from any mobile phone (pull mode)

  • The right promotion at the right time
    Relevant VAS promotions in line with users’ preferences (push mode)

  • Intuitive
    Easy navigation within the SIM Portal menu, single entry point

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