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To ensure your brand stands out from the crowd, G+D carries a large catalogue of card body shapes, materials, and packaging products. Our team of experts works with you through the entire process to produce, design, and customize cards off the shelf in line with your marketing and brand strategies.

Simply choose what is best for you – full-card customization (from a single card to millions) or adaptation of our standard cards. Our wide range of packaging products, from letter and flow-wrapping to blister, plug-in, and customized-cardboard solutions as well as PoS material, can be adapted to fit your marketing requirements. With G+D’s packaging expertise, your project will be in the safest of hands.

SIM-card packaging is ideal for brand promotion and differentiation

G+D Mobile Security

Value-added packaging, lettershop, single-flow wrapping, dispensers

+ Pre-formed plastic blister packaging for high flexibility in terms of size and form is secure, clean, and protects against negative environmental influences.

+ Environmentally friendly plug-in only packages are convenient for the consumer. They receive the plug-in sized SIM card only with no risk of damaging the SIM while removing it from the plastic carrier.

+ Cardboard packaging comes in all shapes and sizes. A secure SIM storage area can be included, which is protected with a peel-off perforation.

+ The standard lettershop is a cost-effective, fully automated service and comprises machine-made matching and fixing of the SIM card to the personalized carrier paper.

+ Flow wrap foil is a low-cost option. It can be printed or unprinted. Use printed flow wrap to hide confidential areas, e.g. PIN details.

+ Dispensers at the POS are ideal "sales boxes" for marketing purposes.

Maximize the benefits

SIM-card packaging is a very cost-efficient and environmentally friendly way to advertise directly.
With our high manufacturing standards, we keep the footprint low and offer a Green SIM card option.

Key features

• One-stop shop packaging solution
• Control and enhance your brand image with personalized card design and packaging
• Customize your packaging to add brochures, flyers, DVDs, and other promotion material
• Wide range of high-value materials, thicknesses, and shapes
• Select your high-quality PoS materials and dispensers (fully compatible with PoS infrastructure and industry-standard SIM card packaging)
• Go fully green with our Green SIM card option (full lifecycle management, including recycling)

Comprehensive security

  • Full data provision for logistics (ICCID, eID, activation code, bar code, EAN, labels)

  • Security against theft and direct delivery to customer (complete fulfillment logistics)

  • Full protection of SIM card against dust and humidity

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