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G+D managed services for higher quality with lower costs

Our managed services enable enterprises and mobile network operators to deliver quality products while freeing up internal resources and considerably cutting costs. Relying on G+D to manage your operational processes allows you to concentrate on developing your core business. Our secure technology is already helping to improve user-experience for over 1.5 billion users worldwide every day.

Our software-as-a-service (SaaS) has standardized interfaces and APIs, delivering operational excellence 24/7 on a global basis with full reporting and customer support. Via ultra-secure over-the-air (OTA) and SIM technology, we manage and operate our customers’ IT infrastructure in our secure data centers with proactive management to ensure complete reliability. G+D allows you to offer customized, secure services to fit your end-users’ exact requirements. Recognized as one of the most secure and innovative companies in the mobile technology industry, G+D is a managed-services provider you can trust.

Our innovative technology ensures that our customers always have the most up-to-date technology without having to develop their own solutions, which considerably cuts time to market and costs by up to 50%.

Free up your business with G+D managed services

Our client services comprise dedicated and experienced professionnal help to integrate projects or monitor your business.
We can help you plan upgrades to your services or add more services, bringing your subscribers the highest customer experience and service offering.

Our experts work closely with you to make sure the latest product and software innovations work smoothly on your systems. The G+D system integration team knows our products best and can integrate them in a reduced time-to-market.

eSIM Management

eSIMs give users full control over the connectivity of their devices. They offer a fully digital process, faster connectivity, and leverage innovative devices like smartwatches or waterproof phones.

Mobile device management

G+D mobile device management ensures devices are properly configured for data access. Intelligent Quality Analytics provide data mining and statistics for connected devices.

OTA solutions

Manage all your SIM cards over-the-air – even after they have shipped. Take a central role as a service enabler, particularly with the explosion of IoT and the launch of 5G.

Value-added services

Retain subscribers and reduce churn with easy access to attractive services. G+D's value-added services (VAS) solution allows operators to offer rich and optimized VAS content to mobile users.

Multiple and substantial benefits

Top-class professional solutions

Subscribing to G+D’s Managed Services brings considerable benefits for operational quality and security, technology development, cost-controlling, and services.

  • Always available (24/7) supports and maintenance services

  • Highly secure environement with continuous software updates and vulnerability scan

  • Governance to ensure implementation of policies, processes, and strategy

  • Innovations adopted quickly and efficiently through automation, analytics, and connected things

  • Cost efficiency: no software investment with monthly costs

  • Secure, best-in-class network and IT environment

  • Make operational processes more cost-effective

  • Predict OPEX to reduce risk and improve budgeting

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