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Increase security, efficiency, and end-user satisfaction

Personalization adds value, from cards to mobile apps

Service providers from different verticals face the challenge of personalizing applications for individual end-users on different devices. Personalization services by G+D Mobile Security reduce this complexity. They combine flexible customization with the highest security for smart cards, mobile applications, and wearables. From finance, transport, and retail to healthcare and government IDs, G+D delivers trusted and cost-effective solutions.

G+D's ultra-secure personalization: independent of device or bearer

G+D’s technology enables applications to be installed on cards, mobile phones and wearables with individualization of all components and processes, initialization, and over-the-air (OTA) personalization. Easily integrated, our technology offers personalization with ultra-secure data management and processing, providing companies with invaluable business intelligence.

One-stop shop for personalization services

For issuers, we offer a vast choice of production possibilities. Our extensive range of materials, finishes, and shapes ensures even greater protection against fraud – it gives you perfect branding and promotion opportunities. For extra functionality, we can install customized apps, such as facility-access and loyalty schemes. With G+D’s packaging and fulfillment service, you can safely deliver cards and other devices in branded packaging produced to your specifications, with personalized letters and targeted promotion material.

G+D personalization services in a nutshell

  • Full card personalization – customer ID details printed on card, including photo

  • Full digital personalization – cards can be configured with customizable apps

  • PIN management and generation

  • ID processing and data management

Remote instant card issuance

G+D Mobile Security's remote card issuance service allows any kind of card to be issued instantly and safely at the point of sale or contact with full personalization and ID checking. For service-sensitive industries like finance, transport, and events, remote issuance is crucial for customer satisfaction.

Remote instant card issuance in a nutshell

  • On-site instant configuration and issuance

  • G+D card production equipment

  • Enables both standard and personalized cards and offerings, including mobile add-ons

  • Initial delivery and OTA personalization

  • Applet distribution after issuance for additional service rollouts

  • Tailored customer experience – dynamic creation of customized content

  • Complete lifecycle management through TSM services

  • End-to-end security from the personalization center down to each individual card

EMV card personalization

EMV cards

Our comprehensive service portfolio enables flexible personalization for debit, credit, and prepaid cards to the latest EMV contact, contactless, or dual-interface specifications. Our secure, flexible platforms ensure the highest standards and manageability.

We work closely with our customers to deliver solutions that exactly fit their business models. From workshops to system integration, our services ensure the safest, easiest implementation for a fast time to market.

Personalization of connected devices

Personalization, profile, and applet download for SIMs and eUICCs

For connected devices using SIMs or eUICCs, personalization technology by G+D Mobile Security enables the installation of mobile applications of MNO profiles and service applications on modules and wearables. The personalization extends to network and service access.

  • Offers MNO profile management

  • Enables derived identity management services

  • Enables download and customization of service applications

  • Lays the foundation for device management and intelligent roaming

Personalization over the air

Personalize M2M modules and embedded Secure Elements over the air

The integrated and scalable personalization solution by G+D Mobile Security allows secure download and customization of connected devices over the air – whether it is a payment system, machine park, or car pool. All our modules can be combined into an all-in-one solution to allow the central management of connected devices.

  • Enables eSIM management

  • Allows for trusted-service management of security-sensitive applications on the mobile device, e.g. payment and ID applications

  • Enables intelligent quality-of-experience analytics

  • Lays the foundation for mobile-marketing services

Packaging with a personal touch

G+D carries a large catalogue of card body shapes, materials, and finishes as well as packaging products for highly professional product delivery. Our wide range of packaging products, from letter and flow-wrapping to blister, plug-in, and customized-cardboard solutions as well as PoS material, can be adapted to fit your marketing requirements.

  • Full data provision for logistics (ICCID, eID, activation code, bar code, EAN, labels)

  • Security against theft and direct delivery to customer (complete fulfillment logistics)

  • Full protection against dust and humidity

  • Packaging – wide range of SIM-card, packaging and PoS materials

  • Lettershop – personalized customer letter

A selection of references


  • UniCredit Group, Germany
    G+D is the main supplier of electronic payment system solutions in UniCredit’s largest markets and provides the newest generation of EMV cards, including dual-interface cards and personalization services for Germany.

  • DG Verlag, Germany
    With G+D’s TSM service, ClassicCard Mobile credit cards are installed and personalized on customers’ smartphones via a secure wireless connection. The virtual credit card is stored in a secure element on the SIM card.

  • Ferrari Card Banco Santander, Spain
    G+D manufactures the “Ferrari” credit card for Banco Santander. The card’s design – predominantly red, combined with the brand symbols of Banco Santander and Ferrari – exudes expertise and competitiveness. These are strengths upon which both companies draw on.

  • Bank Zachodni WBK, Poland
    G+D produces a mobile phone sticker, which allows the usage of standard personalization and fulfillment equipment. The specific materials used in the sticker improves the contactless performance on metallic phones.


  • Wuhan City, China
    G+D offers contactless Crystal card manufacturing with personalization and initialization for the bus network.

  • Axis Bank, India
    G+D supplies EMV chip cards and personalization services for both EMV and magstripe debit card, image card printing, and project management.

  • Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Australia
    G+D supplies to the Commonwealth Bank of Australia its TSM (Trusted Service Management) solution, handles the personalization of virtual credit cards built in the Samsung Galaxy S4, as well as management of cards along the entire life cycle.

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Issuance services

G+D picture cards are customizable cards with your customers’ own choice of designs. Form and function evolve: We regularly introduce new designs and features, such as green materials.

By your design: Fulfillment and Packaging

G+D carries a large catalogue of card body shapes, materials, and packaging products for brand promotion and differentiation. For secure delivery, you can rely on our complete fulfillment logistics.

eSIM Management

eSIMs give users full control over the connectivity of their devices. They offer a fully digital process, faster connectivity, and leverage innovative devices like smartwatches or waterproof phones.

Mobile device management

G+D mobile device management ensures devices are properly configured for data access. Intelligent Quality Analytics provide data mining and statistics for connected devices.