Dual Interface EMV® payment cards

Contactless payments has a great user acceptance. Now Visa and MasterCard take it one step further.

Visa and Mastercard Dual Interface Mandates

Mandates from Visa and Mastercard requiring Dual Interface functionality in payment cards give issuers the opportunity to differentiate and secure top-of-wallet status, increase transactions and improve brand recognition.

Visa’s mandates began to take place as of October 2018, while Mastercard’s requirements began April 2019. These mandates are being implemented globally with a few regional exceptions. No matter the region, the mandated shift to Dual Interface technologies will impact how consumers use their cards worldwide, since consumers expect frictionless card payment processes regardless of region. As with any product definition change, these mandates can pose a great challenge for issuers. It’s a change from a consumer behavioral perspective and introduces the risks involved in the implementation of new products. Functionality changes to payment cards can be very costly and time consuming - and most significantly can introduce security concerns. However, this global shift to DI can also be an opportunity issuers will capitalize upon, by choosing the right vendor. G+D Mobile Security has a proven track-record in driving these changes with the payment brands, providing state-of-the-art security processes to issuers and ensuring future-proofed implementation of the latest payment cards and solutions.

Why G+D Mobile Security?

  • G+D Mobile Security offers secure and compliant Dual Interface solutions for all channels.

  • We enable easy and secure card personalization, quicker card activations, increased transaction volumes.

  • Our solutions bring technological and marketing benefits that enhance and differentiate products and services in order to build trust and add brand engagement, create loyalty and differentiate from competition.

  • We understand the new use cases and business models for Dual Interface, and the challenges that come with the required new security approach.

  • With years of worldwide experience in this product segment, G+D Mobile Security is a global leader in providing Dual Interface Cards.

Download: 8 reasons for acting now!

Download our infographic for insights on why Issuers should act now in order to stay on-top of the changes sweeping through the world of payments.


Issuer benefits from acting now

As the technology and card design capabilities available today are the most advanced yet, the timing for Issuers for initiating or upgrading programs to Dual Interface, has never been better.

With G+D Mobile Security, Issuers can take advantage of the projected volume of contactless transactions expected over the next few years.

  • Global adaptation in contactless payment has already set the scene for upcoming mandate changes. It’s consumer centric, safe and secure.

  • With a fast-footed approach, Issuers can capitalize on potential opportunities with Dual Interface Cards and stay ahead of competition.

  • G+D Mobile Security’s portfolio of card bodies, design opportunities and added value services such as digital payment help Issuers ramp up their customer offerings and find new revenue streams.

  • Consumers are likely to be enthusiastic champions of Dual Interface Cards as they povide a convenient, fast, frictionless experience at the POS.

  • By shifting to Dual Interface Cards, Issuers have seen an increase of transactions with 18 %.

  • The number of contactless payment cards issued globally reached 2.5 billion in 2017, up from 1.7 billion in 2016.

G+D Mobile Security is one of  the leading providers of payment offerings, with a strong emphasis on securing transactions in both the online and offline space.

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When do new Dual Interface changes take an effect?


Effective on April 12 2019
Issuers located in Latin America, Europe/Middle East/Africa (EMEA), and Japan/Asia Pacific/Australia (JAPA).

Effective on October 13 2018 for issuers located in Latin America/Caribbean, Asia Pacific.
Effective on April 13 2019 for issuers located in CEMEA (Central Europe, Middle East and Africa).
Mandate not applicable to non-reloadable VISA prepaid cards.


Effective on April 12 2019
Issuers located in Asia/Pacific (with the exception of Japan), Europe, Latin America/Caribbean, and Middle East/Africa.
Mandate not applicable to Anonymous (non-reloadable) prepaid cards.

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