The World of Payment Cards

Revolutionizing payment cards with contact, contactless, and DI technologies

Payment cards for today and tomorrow

With G+D’s innovative technical solutions and individualization services, you can turn conventional payment cards into powerful service-providing tools. Offering personalized smart cards with mobile and contactless services increases your customer loyalty and satisfaction, while significantly minimizing the impacts of fraud. Upgrading is simply a win-win situation for end-users, your brand, and your bottom line.

Our comprehensive portfolio comprises high-end smart cards and mobile applications for debit, credit, and prepaid use cases, based on the latest EMV standard. Technologies include contact, contactless, and dual interface. All products are supported by our wide range of secure, flexible platforms to ensure the highest standards and manageability. Because individualization has become so crucial to success in today’s ultra-competitive environment, we offer a full range of customization services, including picture cards along with a vast choice of materials and shapes. As well as tailored solutions, we naturally supply standardized, high-volume products.

G+D’s one-stop EMV shop

We have a proven track record in developing EMV solutions – the most secure and versatile payment card chip-technology pioneered by Europay, Visa, and Mastercard. We offer full services and products on a modular-basis to fit your exact technical requirements and budgets.

Migrating to EMV – speed to market matters

While EMV cards are now standard in much of the world, some issuers still rely on old magnetic stripe card technology that is far more vulnerable to fraud. With ever tougher regulations for magnetic stripe card transactions, upgrading is now a necessity rather than an option. Having realized EMV migration projects in over 50 countries, G+D is the perfect partner to ensure optimal functionality, security, and smooth integration.

Benefits of EMV solutions by G+D

Benefits of EMV solutions by G+D

+ Dynamic, combined and static authentication
+ Can be used as transit tickets, loyalty cards, and physical or logical access
+ Faster personalization for in-house and third-party card fulfillment
+ Faster chip performance during transaction – contact and contactless
+ State of the art security
+ Standard personalization scripting based on EMV Common Personalization Specifications
+ All configurations available: 6 PIN, 8 PIN, gold or palladium contact plates
+ Maximum backward compatibility

Features of G+D EMV Services

+ Fast and reliable migration service
+ Full implementation
+ Key and data management process
+ End-to-end data encryption
+ Card configuration (EMV keys and certificates)
+ Card personalization with secure logistics and fulfillment
+ PIN management and generation
+ Consulting on system integration, project management, and technology
+ Online portal providing information for production and product lifecycle management
+ Configurable applications for highest data security

G+D Services for EMV Cards

+ From delivering standard products to customer-specific smart card development
+ Applet development
+ Card and chip personalization
+ Bureau services
+ Instant issuance
+ Online portal
+ Technical support
+ Consulting
+ 50% faster to market – best in class personalization performance

Contactless and dual-interface cards

Soon, nearly half of all cards will have a contactless or dual-interface capability, opening up a whole range of opportunities for new financial services.G+D is a market leader in contactless and dual-interface cards, thanks to our extensive product line, secure technology expertise, and reliability. With our resources and know-how, we can help you to venture safely into this new and exciting world.

Convego® Join

G+D’s Convego® Join, a multi-application product line that combines Java™ and GlobalPlatform technologies, is an invaluable tool for this fast-developing market. With Convego® Join, issuers can tailor their card products and devices to individual needs and install value-added applications onto one smart card.

Benefits of Convego® Join

+ Implement and combine value-added applications onto one smart card, such as loyalty schemes, transport apps, and authentication solutions
+ Fully supports Java™-based single or multi-applications for contact or dual-interface smart cards
+ Highly secure
+ Latest security compliance with EMVCo, schemes, chip vendors

+ Sophisticated memory management
+ Very high communication speed
+ Easy migration due to downwards compatibility
+ Utilizes standard payment brands applications as well as G+D custom applets
+ Easy customization with Java based applets to enhance use cases
+ Convenient PIN and data sharing

Convego® Element

Key to fast and reliable EMV migration is G+D’s Convego® Element platform that allows banks to offer multi-functional, highly secure, and durable EMV credit, debit, and pre-paid smart cards. All Convego® Element cards conform to current Visa and Mastercard security standards and and latest EMV standards. Many of the world’s largest banks use Convego® Element products for cost-effective and highly secure EMV migration for their basic products. With our highly secure EMV solution, you can offer customers fully personalized card programs that also fit your requirements.

  • Platform for highly secure EMV card products, fully configurable to issuer requirements

  • Your product of choice for the mass market

G+D’s payment applications

Convego® Apply

+ Products fully comply with all major global and national payment schemes

All Convego® Apply products are fully compliant with global and local payment schemes (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover, JCB, CUP, RuPay, Interac, Pagobancomat, Cartes Bancaires, Eftpos and many more).

G+D’s payment application services

  • Consulting

  • Initial delivery and over-the-air personalization

  • Complete life-cycle management through Trusted Service Manager

  • Project management

  • Technical support

  • Standard products and customer-specific, mobile device application development

Customized and regional payment card products

Meeting country-specific requirements

With decades of experience, G+D understands how to meet specific market demands and customer requirements. We offer payment products based on chip platforms and operating systems tailored to fit country-specific requirements wherever in the world.

Meeting country-specific requirements

The operating system SECCOS®, specified by the German Central Credit Card Committee (ZKA), provides a multi-application platform for smart payment applications. Authorization on networks, legally-binding electronic signatures, and all mobile channels can be operated by SECCOS® chip cards without any application-based development necessary.

People’s Bank of China
G+D has developed card products based on the PBOC specifications for contact, contactless, and dual-interface payment transactions.

G+D supports licensed products in individual markets, such as:

  • Advantis (formerly TIBC) is a multi-application operating system for payment cards in Spain, Latin America, and the Caribbean

  • Proton PRISMA supports a range of banking applications, including e-purse, and non-banking applications, including capacity for customized applications, such as loyalty and access control

  • MULTOS is a multi-application, open-standard operating system that enables a smart card to carry a variety of applications. These products are available in different versions such as SDA, DDA, dual-interface, and more

Turning mobiles into payment cards

G+D Convego® Join Mobile Services

+ Project management
+ Technical support
+ Consulting

For financial institutions looking for an easy, cost-effective entry into the mobile world, Convego® Join Mobile is the answer. A contactless payment sticker (with chip and antenna) transforms legacy mobile devices into secure payment devices. They can then be used like any standard contactless payment card and communicate with payment terminals using existing infrastructures.

  • Full compatibility with card-based products

  • Seamless migration into a multichannel payment solution, including mobile channel

  • Supports Mastercard and Visa contactless payment specifications with G+D-developed applets

  • Use of existing contactless infrastructure (e.g. contactless POS terminal)

  • Approved by Visa and Mastercard

  • Independent of the mobile network operator and mobile device manufacturer


G+D Mobile Security supplies EMV products and services to nine of the top ten financial institutions worldwide and around 70% of the top 50. These are just a few examples of our references.


UniCredit Group, Germany
G+D is the main supplier of electronic payment system solutions in UniCredit’s largest markets and provides the newest generation of EMV cards, including dual-interface cards and personalization services for Germany.


HDFC Bank, India
Premium customers of HDFC bank, one of India’s largest banks, receive credit cards in line with the global EMV standards. G+D supplies the 500,000 smart cards. This project greatly assisted India’s migration from standard magnetic-stripe cards to cards with integrated chips.

North America

Bank of Montreal Financial Group, Canada
G+D supplies 20,000 stickers every year for contactless payment by cell phone.

South America

Bradesco Claro, Brazil
G+D provides design consultancy for the complete system and delivers the platforms as managed services via its secure data centers.

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