SIMs for any device and any application

For MNOs, the SIM isn’t just for network authentication, it’s the platform for multiple SIM-based applications, such as payment, transit, building access, and other identity-centric services.

An MNO’s SIM strategy needs to cover a broad range of requirements for various mobile network technologies and generations (from 2G to 5G), for mobile applications, memory, form factors, and for alignment with constantly evolving industry standards.

The G+D SIM card portfolio


Suitable for price-sensitive markets, StarSIM cards feature a native OS designed for low memory consumption, easy customization, and cost-efficient enablement of LTE services.

Sm@rt SIMs meet a wide range of requirements of mobile operators.


G+D Sm@rtSIM® cards provide a highly efficient, modular, and configurable Java card system, which allows for rapid local customization to ensure a lean, best-fit product.

Suitable for a wide range of individual feature requirements, Sm@rtSIM® ’s flexible product-family concept has been designed to meet all current and future MNO needs.

G+D Sm@rt SIM CX is the perfect choice for handsets, wearables, tablets, automotive modems, and other devices.

Sm@rtSIM® CX

Sm@rtSIM® CX, G+D’s high-end platform combines telco, payment, transit, digital signature, access, and many more mobile and contactless use cases into one secure, scalable multi-application JavaCard™ device.

Fully compliant with all latest industry standards, it holds all the major recognized industry certifications for functionality and security, e.g. CC EAL4+, EMVCo, Visa, Mastercard, Amex, and MIFARE® .

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G+D SIM Applets

G+D works with a range of partners to offer a broad selection of secure, high-quality SIM applets.

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