Embedded security for robust protection

To protect service assets and user-identities end to end, G+D Mobile Security, a global leader in managing digital identities, offers a wide range of secure elements. In effect digital vaults, our secure elements keep criminals out with a dedicated security chip and operating system.

Whether a bank card, mobile network SIM card, transit card, ID card or M2M module, our secure elements keep your customers’ credentials and organization safe. We appreciate that security is not simply about delivering the safest-possible products but quality services too. With decades of experience, G+D understands just how to meet your specific requirements.

The G+D Secure Elements portfolio

Payment cards and modules

Our range of card and mobile-device payment products is backed up by powerful financial solutions and full personalization services. With G+D’s innovative technology, you can turn conventional payment cards into powerful service platforms.

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SIM cards, from high-end to low-end

Protect digital identities with our reliable, trusted platforms, from SIM cards to embedded SIM modules for the connected IoT ecosystem.

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M2M SIM modules

Our embedded SIM modules provide a highly secure, reliable platform for the M2M ecosystem. Robust, secure and flexible all modules can be managed and maintained over-the-air for maximum efficiency.

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Securing digital identity with strong authentication tokens

G+D helps you meet the IT challenges of cloud, mobility, and escalating threats with scalable authentication platforms that offer a flexible, easy-to-use service.

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