Instant Issuance Kiosk

Speed, security, and convenience

Issuance on the spot – Convego® Instant Issuance Kiosk

For many years now, self-service kiosks featuring banking services such as cash withdrawal or account servicing options have been a part of banking offers. And customers have come to rely on these automated options. By extension, offering card issuance at a kiosk deepens the customer relationship, and shortens time between customer acquisition and card activation. This conveniency also reduces the time between signup and first use of the card. In addition, it increases potential revenues and boosts loyalty.

The benefits of the Convego® Instant Issuance Kiosk

  • Resource efficiency: Automated kiosks allow more efficient staffing, that results in more flexible resource deployment
  • Optimized customer journey: Offering an instant issuance kiosk allows customers to choose the service options that matter to them, increasing customer engagement and brand loyalty
  • Wider access: By offering kiosks outside the bank branch office, customers can be served in more places and access banking services in rural or isolated environments
  • Issuance choice: Implementing an alternative to traditional postal delivery reduces environmental impacts and ensures smoother issuance process

Our success formula for positive customer experience: Speed, security, and convenience

Our Instant Issuance Kiosk allows new customers to print their first card. It is also available for existing customers who require a replacement card because it has expired. The interface and customer journey are smooth, straightforward and can be completed in less than 15 minutes. With our instant issuance solution, the average length of time between card activation and first use is significantly reduced.

Download Convego® Instant Issuance Kiosk Briefing

Immediate card activations: Read about instant issuance

The must-have discipline in the card issuance process is speed, from activation to usage. Our Instant Issuance Kiosks are a convenient example illustrating how you can respond to our fast-paced society.

Card issuance services that make the difference

Our card issuing services enable you to create a truly differentiated customer experience at both physical and digital touch points. They have been designed to maximize brand recognition and drive customer loyalty. From day one, they expand the revenue streams of your customer relationships. Our smart issuance services and solutions give you full control, visibility, and traceability throughout the complete issuance process. The same in-depth visibility is even available to your customers. And most importantly, we provide the flexibility you need to tailor the solutions in ways which are most beneficial to your customers and their payment cards.

Superior Issuance Services to boost customer relationships

Today modern banking customers expect secure, convenient and speedy service from their bank, which is configured around their needs and lifestyle. We understand the pressure that creates that for you. We pride ourselves on delivering highly secure, quality products in the shortest possible time. We provide one-stop shop service to handle your project from development, customization and production through to packaging and secure delivery.


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