Issuance Services

Boost immediate card activations.

Speed is the currency of success for the card issuance process

With our solutions you can speed up the entire card issuance process, from activation to usage. Moving card issuance and replacement cards closer to the customer, for example in a branch or in a remote environment, means that financial institutions put the customer even more in the center of their attention. We enable you to offer instant issuance solutions for your customers to meet their changing needs. With our instant issuance solutions, you create a real point of differentiation. We offer you speed, security and convenience. All of this in turn has a real impact on card activation rates and shortens the time between the activation of new cards and their first use. First and foremost, our services empower your cardholders to use their debit or credit card in a secure and convenient way

Instant issuance offers several key benefits for both banking institutions and customers:

  • Boosted revenue: 100 percent activation of cards resulting in increased usage by 35 percent in the first month alone
  • Easy on-boarding: Train-the-trainer approach for simplified on-boarding, combined with a simple user experience
  • Optimized card process: Offering an alternative to shipping and postal delivery helps the environment and accelerates satisfaction with the exhibition process
  • Anti-fraud: reduced fraud risk from card and PIN mailed interception
  • Customer focus: Brand differentiation with customer-focused service delivery
  • Automated process: automated processes reinforced for improved business agility

Our success formula for customer experience: Speed, security and convenience

Our on-demand, customizable solution optimizes the customer experience. For example, debit cards can be issued in less than 10 minutes. With our instant issuance solution, the average period between card activation and first use will be reduced significantly. You can provide card issuance in the branch of your bank or anywhere at a self-service kiosk. 

But there are even more advantageous reasons to select our solutions:

  • Rapid scalability: Pilot to multi-branch issuance within 15 days per branch
  • Secure supply chain: Proprietary encryptions ensure secure issuance and in-branch issuance helps avoid postal fraud. As a matter of course, our smart cards work with the highly secure EMV standard
  • Cost efficient: Save 100 percent on postal delivery and improve activation rates by 100 percent
  • One-stop excellence: Our competence and expertise in delivering both hardware and software solutions makes us the ideal partner
  • Revenue-boosting Value Added Services, such as digital cards and ePINs can be combined with these services in a cross-sell opportunity that can boost card activation, card usage and revenue

Immediate card activations: Instant issuance

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Speed, security and convenience: In our briefing document you'll find everything you need to know about our instant issuance solutions.

Issuance on the spot: Card issuance kiosk from G+D

Download our paper and find out how speed delivers

The must-have discipline in the card issuance process is speed, from activation to usage. Our Instant Issuance Kiosks are one convenient example illustrating how you can respond to our fast-paced society.

Card issuance services that make the difference

With our card issuing services, you can create a truly differentiated customer experience at both physical and digital touch points. In this way, our services maximize brand recognition and drive the customer loyalty. From day one, they expand the revenue streams of your customer relationships. Our smart issuance services and solutions give you full control, visibility and traceability throughout the complete issuance process. The same in-depth visibility is even available to your customers. And most importantly, we provide the flexibility you need to tailor the solutions in the way that is most beneficial to your customers and their payment cards.


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