The next generation issuance is smart

The rapid digitization of banking services combined with increasing end consumer expectations regarding speed and personalization has significantly raised the bar for payment providers. They, too, must increase their agility, relevance and quality. With our comprehensive portfolio of card issuance services, you will enhance your customer experience and trigger their loyalty.

Convego® Connect is our powerful portal for our Issuance related APIs. It provides APIs that easily integrate card issuance services and solutions to your offerings. Our technology enables you not only to keep up with the changing expectations of your partner institutions and customers, but guarantees that you stay ahead of them.

Benefits of our services

Convego® Connect makes the difference. Profit from numerous benefits: Convego® Connect’s superior service, ease of integration and advanced technology fosters trust and long-lasting relationships between you and your customers

  • A faster, smoother and more convenient customer experience
  • Bridge physical and digital worlds in a seamless, connected manner
  • Smart issuance is the transition to the next generation card services
  • Increase efficiency and adaptability

Smart issuance products & solutions

Take a look at the next level of issuance! Smart issuance opens up the traditional approach to issuance. Our next generation card issuance brings an open issuance environment with it. It provides smart services and solutions for increased flexibility, transparency and connectivity. You will deliver a faster, smoother and more convenient customer experience. With Convego® Connect you are ready to bridge physical and digital worlds in a seamless, connected manner. Are you looking forward to the transition to smart issuance?

Convego® Connect APIs

We support the trend in open banking and we want to enable you to come up with your own customized user journey, in fast time. It's only logical that we’ve developed an open issuance innovation. A variety of application programming interfaces (APIs) is available. They can be seamlessly integrated with your environment. 

Convego® Connect UX

Convego® Connect UX has been designed to reduce integration efforts and to maintain control of your complete issuance process at the same time. A powerful online portal covers all aspects of the smart card issuance process. This applies not only to activities performed by us, but also to manage and monitor your alternative suppliers or vendors.

Convego® Relate

Brand loyalty and brand awareness involves taking control of every aspect of customer communication. Our Convego® Relate product family offers a variety of tailored services to make your customization adaptable to individual customers on physical and virtual channels.

Convego® Activate

Issuing a card means nothing if it is not activated and used. Convego® Activate helps you to make the activation process as easy and unhampered as possible for your customers. And you won’t miss a transaction, believe us.

Related solutions

Managed card issuance

Let us manage your card issuance. This puts you as the issuing bank in the enviable position of being able to dedicate yourself completely to your core business and manage relationships with your cardholders.

Card issuance for partners

Our scalable Convego® Issuance Partner solutions enable you to access a wide range of our card services – including a unified software environment for the shopfloor. You can buy cards or modules from us, but you do not have to worry about the related landscape of distributed machines and software.

Instant issuance

We offer self-service solutions for your customers or fit-for-purpose issuance services for offshore locations and your branches.

Digital first – Convego® Now

With Convego® Now we bring digital and physical card issuance together. This is our main promise but there is more.

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