Convego® Create Consumer – be the brand that is making consumer creativity the star

In a world of fewer branches, the card takes on a greater role as a physical link to the issuer’s brand. Convego® Create Consumer turns a payment device into a treasured personal possession – by making consumer creativity the star.

Seamlessly integrated with your banking app, consumers can now personalize not just their card, but other payment devices – from wearables and wallets to novel options like toys – with a chosen image, from a rights-cleared gallery or their own albums. They can even put themselves in the app with an avatar, and add a family pet to the experience. It’s fun – but it’s also deeply personal. And doing so fosters a meaningful connection to the issuing brand.

However they customize their payment device, it strengthens their relationship with you. Positioning the issuer not just as a professional services provider, but as a trusted companion the consumer feels close to.

Why choose Convego® Create Consumer?

  • Part of the issuance process: With Convego® Create Consumer fully integrated within the banking app of the issuing institution, you are maintaining a smooth brand experience.
  • Opportunities for brand-building: In addition to uploading their own photos, consumers can choose from a themed set of pictures supplied by the issuing institution.
  • Professional backend portal: Set up and configure user services with an easy-to-use interface.
  • Standard production process streamline issuance: Issuing banks transmit card manufacturing data to G+D securely and simply, as part of the Smart Issuance process.
  • Fresh revenue stream for issuer: Consumers are able and willing to pay a premium with payment services integrated.

Build your customer relationship as they design a payment card they’ll love


This fully customizable card customization platform offers fast deployment and a design editing suite that works desktop and mobile – and with a variety of form factors. What else? Get inspired by our product clip.

Product features that matter

There is more to Convego® Create Consumer than a picture on a card

  • Design editing suite: The consumer can upload an image, choose from an extensive themed gallery or design an avatar – all within the secure banking app they already know.
  • Friendly frontend, professional backend: The consumer frontend offers a simple and intuitive user experience. And the backend portal that lets you configure it is just as easy to use.
  • Across multiple form factors: Not just cards, but wearables, wallets, toys, and a host of new devices that both enable and entertain the consumer.

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In a world of fewer branches, the card takes on a greater role as a physical link to the issuer’s brand. Convego® Create Consumer turns a payment device into a treasured personal possession–by making consumer creativity the star.

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