On top-of-wallet, even in the era of digital transformation

In the payment card market, issuers are not only competing for new customers. The struggle takes place during every single transaction. Banks are looking for incentives, not only to be placed at the top of wallet, but also to keep being pulled out of the wallet for payment purposes. A superior user experience, a unique design or a higher purpose are some of the reasons to convince your customers to want to own a special card.

Providing complete convenience for card issuers, we offer you these benefits:

  • Metal Cards to reflect personality, performance and premium lifestyle
  • Convego® Factors card designs include a wide range of special surfaces, effects, techniques, materials and form factors that will make your card unique
  • Convego® Beyond consolidates our eco-cards portfolio. Our solutions include bioplastics or recycled materials coming from the industry or the oceans. All are a daily incentive and reminder to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle.

Products & solutions

Premium for your customers: stand out with a metal card

Are you looking for decisive components in the race to win and retain valuable, affluent customers? Offering performance, displaying personality and prestige and creating a high-quality customer experience are critical components. Our metal cards enable issuing banks to differentiate their first-class service with a physical symbol and provide customers with solid, tangible proof of their value to the bank.

Eco-innovative payment solutions with Convego® Beyond

We believe that the power for change lies in the hands of the consumer, and the power to shape a new consumer mindset towards a more sustainable lifestyle also lies in our hands.

Wow your customers with iconic Convego® Factors card designs

Cards with a memorable look and feel offer an ideal opportunity to establish, differentiate and maintain a close relationship with your customer. In short, this plastic card remains a central marketing tool. With the Convego® Factors card portfolio, G+D is happy to assist you in creating and launching your new line of unique, never-before-seen cards. We’ll inspire you.



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