Eco-innovative payment solutions with Convego® Beyond

Environmentalists, scientists, and leaders across the world agree that climate change is the most critical challenge we face as species in the coming years and decades. Preserving the environment is a formidable call to action that requires ongoing efforts from every segment of society such as manufacturers, politicians, journalists, and consumers. Even though the situation is dire, there is, however, reason for optimism. The global COVID-19 tragedy has demonstrated that when faced with a life-threatening crisis, consumers can and will make great changes to their lifestyles to overcome a catastrophe. Our company is also committed to persistent social responsibility.

Convego® Beyond encompasses our eco-cards offering. It reflects our intention to find opportunities to provide our clients and card users more sustainable credit and other card solutions throughout the card lifecycle. Whether in production, fulfilment or recycling stages, our efforts to become even more eco-friendly is an indispensable journey. It is a collaboration with financial institutions, our clients and partners who share our values and our courage to go beyond the status quo.

Our solid and continuing commitment includes

  • Eco-innovative materials for more sustainable payment cards
  • Paperless, digital, and streamlined card issuance processes for a more efficient, secure, and eco-friendly user experience
  • Expertise and advisory to help you design end-of-life solutions for payment cards

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Recycling of payment cards

Worldwide, hundreds of millions tons of plastic are produced every year. In 2018, more than 20 billion payment cards were in circulation. Yet less than ten percent of all plastic is recycled. Recycling is one of the reasons why we engage in environmental safety measures and why we offer a range of specific solutions to you. Our experts can advise you on the most efficient partners and methods to collect, sort and recycle payment cards regionally. Needless to say, we ensure that the collection and transportation of cards meet all data protection laws and local regulations.

Our partnership with G+D brings our Convego® Parley Ocean Card to millions of new users to serve as an everyday reminder, that every single one of us has the power to change the world. By voting with our wallet. Purchase by purchase.

Cyrill Gutsch, CEO and Founder of Parley for the Oceans

Environmental responsibility in payment solutions

The adverse changes in our environment due to unacceptable human intervention are some of the most difficult challenges we will face as species in the coming years. But the global COVID-19 crisis has demonstrated that in responding to a threat, consumers can and will make major changes to their behavior in an effort to achieve the common good. Customers also expect the same level of responsibility from the companies with which they interact, too.

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Eco-innovation through payment solutions

For us, avid concern for the environment is not a new corporate phenomenon. We take our responsibility for the environment extremely seriously and we work diligently to preserve the world for future generations. This outlook is reflected in our portfolio. We play a conscientious role alongside our financial services clients. Read about our best practices to bring environmental responsibility into your payment card issuance strategy. Discover our offering with the right eco-innovative products, services, and partnerships and how we place your bank at the top-of-wallet of eco-sensitive payment card holders.

Sustainable payment cards - with individual solutions

Very often, our clients ask us which sustainable card is the best. Our answer is that there is never a single best environmental solution. We offer a wide range of right solutions for your application or product. With Convego® Beyond we created a broad offering of environmentally friendly products and services. We also advise you regarding the best solution for your business and your individual sustainability policies.

Convego® Natural: Do you want to move away from plastic?

Convego® Natural is a significant eco-innovation that unlocks the potential of bioplastics. It offers an excellent alternative for financial institutions to move away from PVC or other plastics. In addition to the ecological benefits, it creates an emotional connection between card users and your eco-conscious offering.

Convego® Recycled: We set a new sustainability standard

Convego® Recycled sets a new and higher sustainability standard in the payment card industry. Its body is made of 100 percent recycled PVC. This makes it easier to be recycled and this helps card issuers reach their carbon-neutral corporate objectives.

Press Releases

G+D and Hypovereinsbank partner to provide sustainable payment

HypoVereinsbank is now providing its customers with an environmentally friendly debit card. They will be using G+D’s Convego® Natural Payment Card. Read about how our bio-plastic payment card can support a bank’s Sustainability efforts and strategy.

From plastic waste to payment card

G+D and the environmental organization Parley for the Oceans have concluded a partnership to produce a payment card made of Ocean plastic. Beyond the card, read how plastic waste can be turned into a symbol of change and how consumers can change the world by voting with their wallet. Purchase by purchase.


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