Galaxy®: a new dimension of security and design

The Galaxy® security thread is a quantum leap in visual dynamics: the combination of color shift with 3D and vibrant movement effects makes it an exceptionally attractive solution, perfect for easy and intuitive authentication. Its large motifs attract attention from any viewing angle.

Galaxy® offers full 360° authentication. The three optically variable effects combined in this thread – 3D motifs, dynamic effects, and color shift – are visible from any perspective. This is made possible by the millions of micro-mirrors arranged on nanoscale dimensions, bringing the banknote to life, and so complex it prevents counterfeiters from imitating the the optical effects. This enables individual designs which are not only visually appealing but also highly secure.

Galaxy® registered for perfect design integration

Galaxy® security threads can also be embedded in the paper on a registered basis, to precisely position individual motifs in relation to the overall design of the note. 

The 200 lempiras (Honduras) is the first banknote in the world to incorporate a registered Galaxy® thread with different and precisely positioned windows. When tilting the banknote, a change can be observed in the upper and lower windows from a bell, to 200, and vice versa. Thus, the registered thread is part of the main motif, making it possible to integrate it into the banknote in a way that is  both harmonious and eye-catching. The middle window incorporates an image of a parchment (a special paper pergament – pergamino) and a quill, and all three windows contain a dynamic circle that seems to move beneath the surface.

Galaxy® – premium security and appearance

  • Always identifiable: 360° authentication with striking 3D effects
  • Maximum security: long-lasting in circulation, and for all paper-based substrates
  • Machine-readable: from yes/no recognition through complex coding such as MultiCode™
  • Individual design: reflective color shift, dynamic effects and striking motifs

Central banks and printers benefit from the optimum combination of secure technology with many visual effects and design options. Motifs from the Galaxy® can be amplified and repeated in different security features on the banknote, and this synchronization creates a coherent banknote which is easier for the public to authenticate. At the same time, the repetition in different technologies creates another challenging logistical barrier to counterfeiters.

Galaxy® Flip: In addition to the dynamic 3D effect, the motif distinctly changes and appears to float in space.
Galaxy® Registered for perfect design integration: When needed, Galaxy® security threads can be embedded in the paper on a registered basis, to precisely position individual motifs in relation to the overall design of the note.

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