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Gain more visibility and control and leverage your data

Software solutions open the door to an efficient, connected, and data-driven future. Are you ready to manage and monitor your cash handling processes more efficiently and securely with advanced digital technologies? We offer all players in the cash cycle a full range of end-to-end software solutions that increase the visibility of processes and assets, optimize resources, and leverage data for smarter decision-making and scenario planning.

Software is the key to unlocking the potential of a fully optimized cash cycle. Whether you want to optimize your ATM network, offer CIT services, automate cash centers, forecast cash demand, or track a banknote’s life cycle, G+D’s software suite is highly configurable and adaptable to fit your ever-changing business needs. For us, digitalization is more than just technology – it means developing new, innovative solutions that enhance security and efficiency across the cash cycle. Each innovative software solution is based on global best practices and helps you to lower costs and drive efficiencies. An integrated approach and modular design allow for seamless integration with hardware and software systems, while updates provide continuous improvements.

Start making data-driven decisions to streamline your operations.

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Central banks: improve decision-making and take control

Our software suite helps central banks take control of the cash supply chain and increase the quality of information to improve strategic decision-making.

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Commercial banks: optimize your cash operations

Commercial banks wishing to cut operational costs while better serving customers will greatly benefit from G+D’s modular and highly configurable software suite.

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CIT companies: optimize time, costs, and service levels

Operating efficiently, close collaboration with clients, and swift execution of services are key to the success of cash-in-transit companies. Our cutting-edge software suite enables you to be both competitive and cost-efficient.

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Casinos: streamline operations and reduce costs

Casinos need to operate effectively round the clock. Our state-of-the-art software suite helps you to manage your cash operations smoothly, safely, and accurately.

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Printworks: maximize productivity with advanced analytics

Information is power. By using the latest in big data analytics and advanced analytics, our software suite offers new levels of quality, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness to printworks operations.


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