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CIT Companies: optimize time, costs, and service levels

Operating efficiently, close collaboration with clients, and swift execution of services are key to the success of cash-in-transit companies. Our cutting-edge software suite enables you to be both competitive and cost-efficient

In a competitive market, the ability to optimize existing processes and resources while creating new revenue streams is essential. G+D has created the software suite to enable cash-in-transit companies to operate with higher margins and deliver increased customer satisfaction. The end-to-end, modular solution provides real-time visibility of stock positions per site, owner, and denomination, enabling you to plan and manage transport routes more effectively. It also facilitates more efficient handling of customer complaints and queries. The software has been developed specifically to help cash-in-transit companies integrate cash center and transport operations, automate processes such as reconciliation, and more accurately predict cash demand with machine learning forecasting algorithms.

Integrated software solutions for cash-in-transit companies

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Compass Transport

Compass Transport is the global standard in cash logistics automation, used by cash-in-transit companies around the world. The transport management solution helps you to maintain control and visibility of your operations and drive workflow efficiencies.

Compass Forecasting

Compass Forecasting’s sophisticated software enables CiTs to better service retail partners while ensuring the availability of cash in their network.

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Compass Cash Center Enterprise

Powerful, flexible, and scalable, Compass Cash Center Enterprise enables cash-in-transit companies to manage inventory, process and account for deposits, and administer payouts or cash orders.

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Compass Cash Center Forecasting

Compass Cash Center Forecasting enables you to predict the behavior of  cash volumes to take best decisions for most efficient and customer oriented processes, separate per cash center.

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Compass Cash Center Starter

Budget friendly, simple to use, and scalable, Compass Cash Center Starter offers processing support, centralized process control, and seamless upgrade functionality to cash-in-transit companies.

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Compass System Intelligence

Compass System Intelligence enables cash-in-transit companies to use data to improve the performance of the cash processing operations with cutting-edge technology and intuitive design.

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Compass Asset Manager

Compass Asset Manager is an integrated software solution that provides administrators with a comprehensive overview of their banknote processing systems across all locations. It enhances efficiency, operational processes, and security.


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Enhancing visibility across the cash cycle

G+D’s CIT solutions can improve operational efficiency, automate key processes, and optimize decision making.

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High-performance banknote processing systems

G+D’s range of high-speed systems delivers reliable and efficient banknote processing capabilities.

G+D’s high-end coin processor Cashwork One

Professional coin processing

G+D’s high-end coin processor, Cashwork One, provides precise coin verification and authentication.

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