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Compass ATM Forecasting: optimize the availability and cost of cash

This all-in-one cash management software solution allows commercial banks, CITs, and service companies to efficiently manage large populations of ATMs and other cash points

The dynamic nature of the cash supply chain can make it challenging for banks and CITs to efficiently manage ATMs, branches, and other cash points in their network. To drive down costs, cash availability and machine uptime need to be optimized to keep customers satisfied. Ultimately, this will also ensure that cash remains a competitive means of payment.

Compass ATM Forecasting optimizes the overall efficiency of cash point networks, which include ATMs, bank branches, recyclers, cash deposit machines, and more. The modular software provides full visibility of replenishment and maintenance orders, technical status, and cash levels in real time. Compass ATM Forecasting uses sophisticated statistical algorithms, data cleansing, and event and threshold configuration to allow you to accurately forecast cash demand at all your cash points, automate orders, and more easily adapt to changing business requirements.

Features and benefits at a glance

  • More visibility: monitor cash levels and the technical status of individual or groups of cash points in your network in real time to maximize uptime
  • Improved orders: calculate the best replenishment and maintenance orders at the right time and track their progress throughout the process to reduce costs and residual cash
  • Dynamic daily forecasting: predict cash demand more accurately on both denomination and cash point level, and compare future scenarios
  • Reduced costs: lower interest costs from optimized cash levels, minimized processing costs with smaller and fewer (emergency) orders, and reduced insurance costs
  • Better billing: automate the creation of billing lines for your invoices and achieve real-time reconciliation per cash point at multiple points in the process
  • Secure collaboration: standardize exchange of information with your supply chain partners and collaborate with them on a centralized and permission-controlled online platform

An all-in-one commercial cash management solution

Gain control of your cash point operations

Ensure cash is available where and when you need it at the lowest possible cost by monitoring geographical locations of cash points with Google Maps and their cash levels per denomination, and by enabling a multi-vendor strategy. Obtain valuable management information to reduce errors, gain visibility on the performance per CIT, and make data-driven management decisions.

Benefit from statistical algorithms

Compass ATM Forecasting’s machine learning algorithms detect trends in cash demand, optimize CIT services, and automatically create daily cash orders for both pick-up and delivery through an online web portal. When an order is created, it is distributed to the appropriate cash center, transport division, or maintenance service company.

Deal with changing market conditions

React more quickly and effectively to macro- and micro-economic changes, such as interest rates, general cash usage, and local cash usage. Detect future usage trends based on historical data and visualize them in tables and graphs. Predict future scenarios and compare them with actual and past scenarios.


Compass ATM Forecasting has interfaces with many brands and models of ATMs, as well as other cash machines, allowing for flexibility in your cash point network. The software also integrates with service providers (like CITs and cash center operators) using standardized data formats and secure data exchange.

A holistic software approach

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Get more insights and reduce costs

Combine Compass ATM Forecasting with G+D’s broad portfolio of industry-leading software solutions for CITs and commercial banks. These end-to-end modular solutions will help you to gain visibility of your entire cash operations, improve the efficiency of processes, optimize cash levels at all your locations, and reduce costs.

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