Compass Cash Center Connect: improve operational performance and reduce costs

Gain real-time visibility, streamline processes with automated reconciliation, and take full control of every aspect of your cash center operation with Compass Cash Center Connect.

Optimizing costs and productivity is a top priority for cash centers. Compass Cash Center Connect addresses these challenges by connecting fragmented processes, making operations more transparent, and optimizing management of time and resources. Compass Cash Center Connect is a software solution that enables CITs and commercial banks to become more efficient by providing comprehensive visibility of the management of assets, resources, and inventory as well as both inbound and outbound order processes. The software reduces time, labor costs, and manual errors, while increasing the security of processes and providing optimum process support.

Features and benefits at a glance

  • Increased control: get detailed, real-time insights into cash center operations, performance, and planning
  • Cost savings: optimize your workforce, workload, processes, and assets to bring down expenditure
  • Automation capabilities: make reconciliation more efficient and identify discrepancies immediately
  • Multiple interfaces: integrate with any hardware, including counting and sorting machines from different brands, CCTV, and other IT systems
  • Supply chain integration: view cash demand trends at an early stage and automate the handover of incoming and outgoing consignments to better manage stock positions
  • Secure processes: increase security of cash processes, with a clear transfer of liability, and accurate counterfeit detection

A modular solution for all cash centers

Make data-driven decisions

Access to real-time operational data enables you to take full control of resources, assets, stock management, and cash processing. With discrepancy alerts and order tracking you can quickly react, plan, or intervene, based on the latest information. Constant visibility of client SLAs, stock positions per denomination, and cash quality allows managers to drive business success.

Optimize cash center operations

Compass Cash Center Connect provides the overview you need to enhance performance and planning. Report on performance per site or staff member, per hour or day, and create GL booking files for your financial systems. Connect processes with real-time supply chain integration and automatic data transfer of incoming and outgoing consignments from retailers and banks.

Reduce manual errors

The automated functionality of Compass Cash Center Connect cuts down reconciliation costs by recording cash levels from initial order, actual packed order, cash delivered, residual cash level, and end-of-day balance per cash point. This helps you to more effectively manage exceptions, reconcile batches, and monitor dispatch, while also reducing labor costs and internal cash shrinkage.

A highly configurable solution

The structure of Compass Cash Center Connect allows you to configure the software to your particular needs and requirements. Features such as accurate counterfeit detection and barcode scanning will help you to securely and proactively manage assets.

A holistic software approach

Benefit from end-to-end efficiency

Extend the benefits of Compass Cash Center Connect by combining it with G+D’s broad portfolio of industry-leading software solutions for CITs and commercial banks. These end-to-end solutions offer data-rich insights and automation, enabling you optimize the performance of your cash centers.

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