Compass Cash Center Starter: budget-friendly cash management

Banks and cash centers can simplify cash deposit processing, improve productivity, and utilize critical insights with Compass Cash Center Starter, an entry-level, integrated solution.

Cash management requires an ever-increasing list of new priorities to be accounted for, from growing margins and implementing improved security procedures to providing more detailed reports. For emerging cash operations, successfully navigating these challenges requires an integrated software solution.
Compass Cash Center Starter offers state-of-the-art deposit management functionality for central and commercial banks, as well as CITs. Get 360-degree visibility of cash center operations so you can keep track of the deposit lifecycle. Requiring minimal integration, the software grows as your business grows, thanks to its modular structure. Increase customer satisfaction and enhance efficiency with this affordable and effective cash deposit management solution. 

Benefits and features at a glance

  • Cost-effective: leverage an industry-leading ratio of value to total cost of ownership (TCO) and increase growth potential with a modular structure
  • Simple to use: easily integrate with and monitor BPS® machines and core banking systems from multiple sites with out-of-the-box interfaces and a centralized view
  • Comprehensive support: get help with receiving deposits, preparation, processing, auto-verification, and balancing cash flow
  • Varied reporting options: access more than 30 default reports for processing, inventory, and more
  • Improved process audit trail: record and collect all transaction entries and store them for future analysis
  • Security by design: take advantage of up-to-date security procedures embedded throughout

Optimize cash processing operations

Implement flexibility and efficiency as standard

Banks and CITs require their cash centers to be as nimble and productive as possible. Compass Cash Center Starter enables this thanks to its central administration and reporting capabilities and ability to support all types of processes, from the one-step header card process to various two-step processes. Maintenance support provides peace of mind and guarantees constant flexibility and efficiency.

Empower cash center managers

Deliver game-changing results by providing cash center managers with the tools to be more productive. Compass Cash Center Starter enables managers to view all the data they require and create tailored reports for both internal and external needs. Consolidated reports for senior managers can also be created easily, ensuring your cash center is running as efficiently as possible.

Lower IT costs

The threat of expenditure can be a worry when purchasing new software, but Compass Cash Center Starter has been designed to be used with standard infrastructure. The software runs on most PCs and supports a range of Microsoft platforms, including Windows and SQL Server. Not only does this ensure optimum performance on desktop systems, but it also means less testing is required due to incremental installation.

Lay strong foundations

If you have designs on growing your business in the future, then Compass Cash Center Starter can help set you up for success. Extending into order management, transaction entry analysis, order fulfillment, and inventory management is simple, because the software enables seamless upgrades to new modules, as and when you are ready.

A holistic software approach

Boost your cash center operations

Enhance the productivity of your cash center further with other solutions from G+D's software suite. Add network forecasting capabilities to plan long-term trends or upgrade to Compass Vault to optimize larger cash management processes for multiple financial institutions.

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